Casey Frazier, Peter Chung

Casey Frazier

Casey Frazier is a talented songwriter, singer and guitarist with an eclectic Americana sound with roots in country and 70’s rock. Casey was born in Missouri, grew up in a small mountain town near Denver, Colorado, and spent a reasonable amount of his adolescence in Nashville, Tennessee. Casey has recently relocated to the Central Coast of California in order to continue his songwriting and expand his West Coast presence. He has shown incredible talent and growth as an artist, with upwards to 150 songs, two full-length albums, two EPs and another album on the way. He spends his time between Nashville and California. He is hoping to start expanding his audiences by taking his albums live, as well as creating a more dynamic online and print-media presence.

“I write songs for people who love music, for people who love to just listen. I never want my records to be two radio hits and a bunch of throw away songs. Each one, to me, is its own complete work.” - Casey Frazier.

Peter Chung

Peter Chung is pursuing his dream to become a world famous singer/songwriter.

Since he decided to pursue music full time in January of 2012, Peter has won Kollaboration SF, shared the stage with Matt Wertz, YouTube stars Clara C and David Choi, and 3 time Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding. He has also performed at The Sundance Film Festival and SXSW.

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