Talking Heads vs Widespread Panic DJ Set

MoPo is a master craftsman and his building material is the world’s most precious commodity: TIME. Consider yourself fortunate If you get a chance catch a Motion Potion DJ set these days. An enormous amount of thought, planning, and scheming has to occur to make them happen. MoPo approaches his shows like a college professor, or a football coach, putting hours of preparation and thought into exactly who will be listening, and how exactly to reach into their souls. Every set is different, and each can unfold in hundreds of different ways, and this intense focus on preparation makes him so versatile, so intense, and so much damn fun. These are “DJ sets” in the classic sense, unfolding like poems with every song a word and every mix or drop a bit of punctuation. Once known as the “DJ for people who hate DJ’s” it would be more accurate to say that this is the DJ for those who love live music.

$5.00 - $8.00

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PRESALES OVER - TICKETS @ THE DOOR 11pm-??? probably 4am... depending on you. SunsetSF presents a NOLa JazzFest edition of ELECTRIC NOSTALGIA, the theme-based DJ party hosted and mixed by MOTION POTION. For our JazzFest edition, MoPo will play two extended length DJ sets in tribute to the work of TALKING HEADS and WIDESPREAD PANIC. Both sets will feature exclusive remixes, edits, covers, rare live cuts and tributes by these amazing bands many admirers. MoPo has gained notoriety for each of these sets, having done them in San Francisco and LA, and debuting the Panic set at "Panic en la Playa 2013". This will be the first time he has played both on the same nights, a mammoth undertaking requiring as much as 6 hours on the decks. We are thrilled to throw this party at the Howlin Wolf Den, and it will be free to ROYAL FAMILY BALL ticket-holders, and only $5 advance at

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