More than anything else, Poncho Sanchez is a storyteller. And, as leader of the most popular Latin jazz group in the world today, it's his congas and seasoned ensemble that do the talking. Live in concert or on recordings, they spin vivacious tales that pay homage to the glories of a half-century tradition that was born when Afro-Cuban rhythms merged with bebop. One-on-one, the Chicano conguero is equally expressive, recounting in vivid detail the encounters, friendships, and passions that have contributed to his remarkable career as a bandleader and recording artist. Behind the choice of every song, album title and guest artist, there's a story Poncho Sanchez delights in telling.

The Smooth Latin Groove

Gil Machin

il Machin is a contemporary guitarist and song stylist from the Tampa Bay area. His unique performance style reflects the tropical, South American influences in all his music which ranges from jazz to Latin (both modern & traditional) as well as “crossover pop” such as Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, and Gypsy Kings. The heartfelt sound of his nylon string guitar, blended with the sound of his captivating voice, creates a unique entertainment experience for dancers and lovers alike. Gil has traveled throughout the United States performing and knows how to entertain audiences whether they’re from South Beach, the Big Easy, or the classy supper clubs of the Big Apple. Gil began his musical career in the Latin Quarter of Tampa, FL where he was first introduced to classical and Spanish guitar playing styles by the locals. He later continued his guitar studies at Miami-Dade Jr. College of Miami and Georgia State University in Atlanta. His repertoire covers Bobby Darin to Marc Anthony, as well as originals. His passion for the guitar and his contemporary song stylings can set your night on fire… or create a day of warm desire!

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