Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson's debut, "All Hell", is a spooky, atmospheric slice of electronically enhanced backwoods creepiness. Surrounded by echoed electric guitar, sinister rhythm patterns, and cutting synth, Gibson unfurls an unsettling, elliptical tale in a gritty baritone. It's compelling stuff, a modern update (say, edited together by Nicolar Jaar) on the lonesome cocaine-country noir of Lee Hazelwood and Roy Orbison on the mic. You know how James Blake brought R&B into the post-techno age? That's what Daughn is fitting to do with country, no matter who likes it. Shades of Arthur Russell, Scott Walker, Magnetic Fields and Matthew Dear might pop up here or there, but this is a work unlike any other.

Hiss Golden Messenger

"Mystical country, like an eerie yellowing photograph" – David Bowie

"A small but grand statement, recorded in a week, but achieving country-soul greatness"
- UNCUT * * * * stars

"MC Taylor writes folk music that is at once firmly steeped in tradition and immediately accessible."
- NPR Music

"Fans of Will Oldham and Bill Callahan will find much to admire in the work of MC Taylor, a revivalist who also lectures in folklore."
- Guardian UK

Man On

Ever wonder what happened to the other member of Pearls and Brass? No, me neither.

Joel Winter conceived this solo project out of loneliness and neglect in the garden of his home in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Bass driven, textural auras seethe from some beautifully naive lapsteel playing. You can take this lying down, or you can stand up and face it. Shirt optional. Man on, Man.



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