The Middle Eight, Hobson's Choice, Shwing!, Kiwi (Double Set)

The Middle Eight

The Middle Eight makes music for your brain and your ears. The New York-based outfit brings classical sensibilities to an indie rock context, building textured, even orchestral layers of sound. Strange Loop, their newest release, is an exploration of sonic combinations that is at once catchy and unpredictable, drawing on influences ranging from Romantic sonatas to 1970s art-rock.

Hobson's Choice

Thomas Bryan Eaton was born under a full moon on the first day of Spring; shortly there after, he sat down at a piano for the first time and fell in head over heels. A true lover of music in all its forms, Thomas can play pretty much anything that makes noise, but likes to spend his time wandering around the frets of a guitar and singing songs with nice melodies.

His talents first took him to Ithaca, NY, a legendary hot spot of music and culture in upstate New York. There he helped form Cletus and the Barnburners, a renegade bluegrass band that toured internationally for 5 years. Searching for a more varied musical existence, Thomas picked up and moved to New York City. Taking the opportunity to soak in the creative hub of the

city and develop as an artist, he began playing solo shows and performing original material. He also gathered some close friends and formed Hobson's Choice, a rock 'n' roll band reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, Dylan, and the best parts of The Grateful Dead. The band has been known to get the normally stoic city crowds dancing at such venues as; Zebulon, Mercury Lounge, Union Pool, Pianos and Rockwood Music Hall.

The Renovering is a New York City based improvisational quartet featuring dual electric guitars, bass, and drums. Blending elements of classic rock, psychedelia and funk, Dorsia serves up concise, melodic compositions and sweeping, exploratory grooves.

Born out of Houston Street open jam sessions in the Fall of 2011, Dorsia has focused their attention on crafting flexible arrangements that lend themselves to live improvisation, yet can also stand on their own.

The band is currently refining their debut EP Release "Boundless" at their East Williamsburg studio location.

Kiwi (Double Set)

"Warm, summery and hypnotic like all the best roots reggae... [with] wise, slinky vocals."

Rooted in reggae rhythms and tropicália-inspired melodies, Jersey City-based Kiwi dynamically blends jazz flourishes and soulful grooves into a uniquely uplifting sound.

After nearly a decade of entertaining audiences around the Northeastern US and Brazil, Kiwi has hit their stride with a new lineup featuring some of the New York City area’s finest soul and funk musicians. The band, which includes Alex Tea (vocals, guitar), Ramsey Norman (drums), Steve Capecci (bass), Ben Guadalupe (percussion), Dave Stolarz (keys), Barami Waspe (tenor sax), Curtis Taylor (trumpet), and Rob Edwards (trombone), has been invited to share the stage with veteran reggae/ska acts including the Pietasters and John Brown’s Body.

Much of Kiwi’s pan-global approach to music is inspired by the time that primary songwriter Alex Tea spent in Brazil, beginning with a trip to the ocean-side city of Fortaleza over a decade ago. It was in Fortaleza that Tea first fell in love with the Portuguese language and capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that combines exuberant dancing and singing with powerful strikes and take-down maneuvers.

"What drew me into capoiera was the sense of community among everyone involved,” says Tea. “Each roda [capoeira exhibition/match] had a live soundtrack that featured instruments, melodies, and cadences that I had never heard before, but seemed so familiar." It didn’t take long for Tea, the grandson of a classical violinist, to incorporate Brazilian rhythms and instruments, as well as Portuguese lyrics, into Kiwi’s music.

In addition to over a hundred club and dancehall performances, Kiwi has also performed at a variety of music festivals and community events in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. They are also proud to be an active and vibrant presence in their home base, the Jersey City arts scene. In addition to a burgeoning American
following, Kiwi also has a growing fanbase in Brazil, where they have embarked on two short tours.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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