Church Sessions with Bosnian Rainbows

Bosnian Rainbows

Bosnian Rainbows are: Teri Gender Bender, Deantoni Parks, Nicci Kasper & Omar Rodriguez Lopez

"Here was a band welcomed as new heroes. It was amazing to be part of - so all-inclusive and intimate. It felt like many in the audience had just discovered their new favorite band." - Stuff (New Zealand - Live Review)

"Omar, clearly a man who constantly requires brand new blood to sustain him, he hasn't been this energized since The Mars Volta early days, and with an album due to drop in 2013 this just might be the most exciting project yet" - Rock A Rolla - Live Review London, UK

"The London show is actually the second time I've seen Bosnian Rainbows and they continue to be exceptional. The music the band produces is a mercurial, dizzying, electroclash-but-not-quite, future-punk monster of a sound. Teri has such a huge stage presence beyond any lame comparison music journalists may wish to concoct. Charismatic, domineering and a voice in a deeper register, but just as bold and talented as Kate Bush. " - Musika - Live Review London

"We'd be delighted if you'd be good enough to have us back [after we release our album]," said the man with so many career highlights to date. With Bosnian Rainbowsbeing right up with the best of anything the man has done before, and I know how bold a claim that is , we wouldn"t hesitate to ask you back." - Golden Plec - Live Review - Dublin, Ireland

"El Paso's own Omar Rodriguez Lopez had the best performance of Fun Fun Fun Fest, in my opinion."
El Paso Times - Live Review - Fun Fun Fun Fest - Austin, TX

"It never ceases to amaze me how many times I can be surprised by music. Last night at the Triple Door was maybe the biggest surprise of all. All week long people have been talking about Omar Rodriguez Lopez and his genius with a guitar. I believed them. I was ready to get rocked. However, I wasn't even remotely prepared for Bosnian Rainbows...At least a dozen times throughout the show I found myself with some serious goose bumps." - The End - Live Review Seattle - City Arts Fest

"It was a bold move, fantastically executed by perhaps the most forward-thinking composer of our time, and one that I'd go see again tonight in a heartbeat." Seattle Weekly - Live Review - City Arts Fest

"Last night's Bosnian Rainbows set was some of the most innovative and beautiful pop music that has ever been created. Very few artists have ever become so prolific, and it's always refreshing to hear musicians push the edge of acceptance". - The Scenestar Live Review - UC Riverside

"Bosnian Rainbows has the potential to rival, and possibly even eclipse, any other band Omar has been a part of." - FLAB MAG- Live Review - Sacramento, CA

"Whether it be any of his past groups, I don't need to name them. Alas, Thursday's performance by Bosnian Rainbows contradicts all the latter terms, this is music that marries feelings of nostalgia with the power of the future. This is the type of music we have all been waiting for." - Sound Colour Vibration - Live Review - Los Angeles

"Don't ask me about any other band or whether they're touring. This is my new band and it's what we're all concentrating on now." - Omar Rodriguez Lopez

Bosnian Rainbows is an American alternative rock band from El Paso, Texas, formed in 2012. The band consists of The Mars Volta members, Omar Rodriguez Lopez (guitar, backing vocals, keys) and Deantoni Parks (drums, keys), alongside the enigmatic Le Butcherettes vocalist Teri Gender Bender (vocals) and Nicci Kasper (keyboards, synths). Initially billed as a variation on the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, the band was formed following a decision to put Rodriguez Lopez and Parks' primary project, The Mars Volta, into a hiatus. Regarding the band's conception, Rodriguez Lopez noted, "I found myself lonely and bored. So it's like, 'OK, new phase, let's get into it and let's create a dialogue. Let's find some things out.'"

In September 2012, Bosnian Rainbows embarked upon its first tour under the banner of the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, with Rodriguez Lopez noting, "The tour was booked five months before it happened, and it was going to be another solo tour, and then at some point, I decided to start a new group and have a team effort. So it got booked one way, but I try to make it clear every night that this is a new group, and these are the names of the players, and "thank you".

During the rehearsals at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, Germany, Bosnian Rainbows recorded 33-minute live session, which is set to be released on 10" vinyl and DVD as a part of Live at Clouds Hill limited edition box set in December 2012. After the European leg of the tour they returned to the studio to record their debut album. The album was recorded and produced by Scheerer and is planned to be released in 2013.

Regarding the band's influences and aesthetic, Rodriguez Lopez noted, "These are very much shorter, more to-the-point songs than The Mars Volta's. They still have spaces that stretch out, but what I mean to say is that it's all the same influences that have been in most of my writing and all the people in my bands' writing. Can is there, Siouxsie and the Banshees is there, Gang Of Four is there, all the Led Zeppelin, whatever... all those things are there, it's just different elements of those things. You make it shorter. It's stripped down, it's starker. The very melodic side of Can; the very textural side of Siouxsie. You take all those elements, and you take elements that maybe you weren't exploring as much before.

Sister Crayon

After releasing their debut album Bellow in February on Manimal Vinyl Records, the band toured relentlessly with acts including The Album Leaf and El Ten Eleven. They will remain on the road for much of 2012 while continuing to work on material for a new album.

"On 'Holy (Or)der,' Sister Crayon maximizes a sonic landscape of ethereal loops and twangy keyboards that evoke childhood music machines contrasted with Terra Lopez's warm-deep-sad vocals (primarily words, occasionally pure instrumental sound). SC exists on that fine line of sadness and bliss, ever unstable, ever reaching across their driving methodic beats for sanctuary before the fadeout." --Sacramento Underground Music Examiner

"What you get with this band is sincerity, thoughtfulness, intense beauty, wisdom, joy, and (perhaps, best of all) music that should be at once pondered and cherished. Stumbling onto Sister Crayon is like finding a book of apocalyptic poetry in the confessional booth of an old, burned out cathedral."

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