Toubab Krewe w. Nathan MIller & Unstoppable Co.

Toubab Krewe

Some music cannot be found on a map or within iTunes categories. Some music is so original it seems snatched from the great, invisible substrata that runs below all human activity, a sound aching to be born without a flag or fixed allegiance – free, questing, overflowing with immediate, tangible life. This is the music of Toubab Krewe, the vibrant Asheville, NC-based instrumental powerhouse that creates a sonic Pangaea that lustily swirls together rock, African traditions, jam sensibilities, international folk strains and more. While nearly impossible to put into any box, it takes only a few moments to realize in a very palpable way that one is face-to-face with a true original who recognizes no borders in a march towards a muscular, original, globally switched-on sound.

Formed in 2005, Toubab Krewe has tenaciously honed their craft through relentless touring and a fierce dedication to carving out something they can truly call their own. The fruits of this hard work can be heard on their latest release, TK2, (September 7, 2010 on Nat Geo Music). What Justin Perkins (Kora, Kamelngoni, guitar, percussion), Vic Stafford (drums, congas), Drew Heller (guitar, piano, fiddle), David Pransky (bass, guitar), and Luke Quaranta (Djembe, percussion) have wrought on TK2 reflects the many miles and musical journeys that have transpired since their studio debut.

This is a band that actively draws inspiration from whatever source floats into their purview, something they've exhibited in their half decade of heavy gigging, including regular appearances at major U.S. festivals like Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Rothbury and Wakarusa, and abroad at such legendary gatherings as Festival In The Desert in Mali. Their globe-hopping propensity has made them an emerging headliner at their hometown's famous Orange Peel and a familiar face as similar venues throughout the country. Whether on their own or collaborating with luminaries like the Last Poets' Umar Bin Hassan or Uncle Earl's Rayna Gellert, Toubab Krewe has already earned the attention and respect of a broad musical community.

Toubab carries echoes of African greats like Ali Farka Toure, Orchestra Baobab and Salif Keita, no doubt picked up during the group's travels to study and live in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Mali. But what truly differentiates Toubab Krewe from other Statesiders inspired by African music is how they innovate on what they've learned instead of simply recreating tradition. Toubab Krewe carves out a new trail honoring the African originators they admire by making something alive and contemporary.

Press Quotes:

"Toubab Krewe has such a visceral, ear-yanking quality that in the band's capable hands you just might find your definitions of what is/is not rock n' roll and worldbeat being completely rewritten. This is the sound of liberation." – Blurt

"a futuristic, psychedelic, neo-griot frenzy." – Village Voice

"a new standard for fusions of rock n' roll and West African music." – Afropop Worldwide

"one of the most innovative voices in music today." – Honest Tune

Nathan Miller & Unstoppable Co.

With deep roots in funk, soul, classic rock, hip-hop, and blues, Nathan Miller's unique
style of slide guitar is steeped in the American roots tradition. Joined by his band Unstoppable Company they offer up "Hush", the official follow up to 2006's "Bombs and A Hustle."

"Hush" is a fiery blend of electric slide guitar riffs, heartbreak, and triumph. Written over a
three year period by Miller and recorded, mixed, and mastered at Creation Audio Studios by Miles Hanson, "Hush" is a 90 minute journey through the mind of a songwriter who shreds like Jimi Hendrix, croons like Sam Cooke, and gets down like P-Funk.

Miller's broad musical influences shine all throughout the record, breaking sonic ground on what a slide guitar and intense songwriting can do. The album opens with the track "Anxiety (You Got To Know)" stripped down to basics with slide guitar, vocals, and bombastic drums. It grabs you by the throat and never lets go. The album also delivers quieter, introspective songs like, "Y'lla A I'sd", down home grooves like the title track "Hush", and the country tinged "Forgettin' Gets This Good." "Hush" also gave Nathan Miller a chance to explore and show his deep love of Reggae music with the political tones of "Jah Say".

The disc features the talents of Minneapolis music's legends-in-the-making Andy Mark (Mayda, Mpls Dub Ensemble), Debra G (Copasetic, The New Congress, The Devine Collection), Alex Rossi (Root City, Feet Don't Fail Me Now), Corey Blanchard (Root City, The House Band), Alex Steele(Roster McCabe), Scott Muellenberg(Roster McCabe), and Innocent(Les Exodus). An all star cast of singers and musicians that proved to be the perfect collaborators for the project. The result is a perfectly crafted musical experience to match the energy and fun of a Nathan Miller live performance.


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