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Dayseam is an independent alternative rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band formed in early 2008 with the goal of creating authentic compositions to connect their inner ruminations with the universal truths of a human experience. Described as a “hugely underrated” band by Vince Volz of Double V Bookings and DTV Productions, their “incredible songwriting, guitar work, and killer vocals” serve as a musical medium that translates reflection into a collective, organic encounter with awareness.

In August of 2012, the band will begin crafting their third studio record at The Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ with owner/engineer Dave Downham. Poised to release ten new songs in the Spring of 2013 to a rapidly growing fan base, the band has enlisted the help of BIMMG and Isaac Gordon to spearhead the effort. Currently being featured in Photopass Magazine as an “underdog artist to watch”, the band continues to lay the groundwork for a successful third studio album release.

Ehsan Ahmad (lead guitar) and Steve Mroozian (guitars, vocals) quickly found a common narrative in the most unlikely of places in late 2007. Striking up a working relationship centered on creating powerful arrangements, the two artists have over forty cataloged works and two studio albums to their credit. Drawing from a collection of influences with indie connotations, Dayseam personifies a panoramic rock sound resting on a bed of subtle melodic undertones. With a revolving supporting cast, the traditional four-piece rock outfit performs regularly at well renowned Philadelphia venues; The Northstar Bar, The Hard Rock Café, and The Legendary Dobb’s.


Victoria Watts

Victoria was born and raised in San Diego, California. Coming from a musical family, Victoria had a love for music right from the very beginning. She began playing guitar when she was twelve years old and started writing music shortly after that. While growing as a musician throughout high school and college, Victoria played in a wide variety of venues with various groups. This gave her the opportunity to develop her skills at playing live music and collaborating with other artists. She later moved to Philadelphia to finish her degree, and since graduating has continued to delve into the music scene in that area. She now performs music full time in the band Element K. She also continues to work on her solo material. Her passion for singing everything that she wants to say will drive her to write and perform for as long as people will listen to her.

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