…listening to this makes me want to stand up and sing..." SPITALFIELD, taking their name from Jack The Ripper's hometown, formed in 1998 and have two non-Soundscan releases under their belts along with plenty of live shows. The Chicago band is often described as "driving indie-pop rock" to "emo influenced punk with ultra-subtle hardcore undertones". SPITALFIELD keeps the rock flame alive by delivering a hugely infectious and emotionally effective album. From large venues to basements, they have performed with bands that range from JURASSIC 5 to THURSDAY including- HEY MERCEDES, THE MOVIELIFE, BRAND NEW and ALLISTER. They have amassed a large and loyal following in Chicago who are attracted to their heartfelt, sincere and contagious music. SPITALFIELD demonstrate that the punk spirit can have a future in pop music.

Shane Henderson and The Future Perfect

For those who have been fortunate enough to witness Shane Henderson and his various projects through the years, know there is one underlying factor which keeps him moving; his undeniable passion. Now with his new band The Future Perfect, Shane plans to re-light that fire he has worked so hard for over the better part of the last decade. “This project for me was all about being creative and not having any barriers holding me back. Whatever comes out musically is what it will be.” For Shane Henderson and The Future Perfect, this project was about having control of their sound and creating an atmosphere which represented them best, “The studio is a safe place for me, it is really one of the only locations I feel comfortable.”

Fans are familiar with Henderson’s heart wrenching lyrics, now together with an all-star line up consisting of Will Noon and Trevor Leonard; fans can expect the trio to reach heights they never have before. Henderson says,” I have always been one to write about life experiences, and that isn’t going to change.”

The group entered the studio DIY, with no label supporting to ensure total creativity. Henderson explains, “when I have the opportunity to create music that is 100 percent what I would do, I really thrive off of the creative freedom.” From this the band came up with their debut EP appropriately titled “Control.” You can feel that strong passion and determination through the EP and that’s just a short taste of what is to come.

Expect some new styles to be incorporated that fans may not be familiar hearing Henderson explore, however as always you can expect the project to be vocally driven. “I want to take this project to the next level, and get it into the hands of as many people I can,” says Henderson. Expect Shane Henderson and The Future Perfect to hit the road and continue to write and release new material. Shane explains, “it’s time to get back to work and show the world that I was meant to have a life in music, and nothing is going to stop me from continuing to grow as a musician.”

Jon Walker

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