The Dig

The Dig's sound has been developing ever since the band's two singers Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin started making music together when they were eleven years old. After meeting California native Erick Eiser, the three songwriters have been writing tunes and playing in different bands since they were 16 years old. Anchored by sharp guitars, a woozy synth backdrop and airtight vocal harmonies, the new album Midnight Flowers which is produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, The Apples In Stereo, Swans, Antony & The Johnsons) came out on May 29, 2012 on Buffalo Jump Records. It recalls styles ranging from T. Rex to Brian Eno to The Everly Brothers.

Following their acclaimed 2010 debut, "Electric Toys," The Dig amassed a passionate national fan base with magnetic live performances, and have since shared the stage with bands such as Portugal. The Man, The Antlers, and The Walkmen. The band began writing new songs while on the road and between tours. "When we were writing 'I Already Forgot Everything You Said,'" Baldwin recalls, "we had just gotten off the road with The Antlers and we were listening to a lot of Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind.' I think those influences found their way into that song particularly. But really the songs on this album are personal."

The chemistry is palpable on this long-awaited sophomore album. Mosseri and Baldwin quickly discovered that trading lead vocal duties added a new dimension to the music. "We've always wanted our songs to be distinct, but when making a record we also want them to resonate with each other, like a dialogue," says Eiser. "Having two lead singers always made sense." Mark Demiglio (drums) moved to New York from Texas to join the band following the recording of "Midnight Flowers.

To celebrate the release of "Midnight Flowers," The Dig has created a limited number of cassette tapes containing the album's first two singles: "Red Rose In The Cold Winter Ground" and "I Already Forgot Everything You Said." "Even though it takes us about fifteen minutes to make each individual cassette, which is done using an old boom box in the back of our van between shows," says Mosseri, "we like the idea of having the songs that we recorded using analog tape machines available on cassette. For our fans who have moved on from 1995, each cassette also comes with a digital download."

the Blowing Trees

Blowing Trees is an alternative indie rock band from San Antonio Texas. They are known for their energetic live shows filled with psychedelic soundscapes and poetic lyrics that create an intimate and moving experience. The band was signed during SXSW in 2007 to GLASSNOTE RECORDS. Blowing Trees' record was released early 2008 by Glassnote Records/Sony Red and received much high praise. They have toured the south a few times over including a stop at D-FEST in Tulsa, and most recently at WANEE FEST. in Florida. There is a new video for their song “Goblins” that perfectly captures the bands aesthetic. They are currently hard at work on two separate records in their “Tree house”.

Last Nighters

Last Nighters are one with the Universe.

They use everybody and everything around them as inspiration for creating the music that they play.

All of this inspiration is tossed around between this 5 piece collective, and then turned into a form of expression.

So turn off your radio, kill your TV, forget about the magazines telling girls how fat they are, when really, they look awesome. Throw all of that aside, because with Last Nighters, it’s all about love and harmony. No agendas, no greed, no institutionalization. Just a genuine music experience.

“Our music makes me feel like I’m connected with everyone in the world, like we’re all in this together. And when people hear our music, I feel as though I’ve made a deep connection with them.” - Rob

From the cultural centers of the world, to small towns in unlikely places, the 5 members of San Antonio based Last Nighters have had individual experiences in places all over the globe. They have a bigger understanding and realization of how big this world is that we live in, and aim to bridge the gap of relativity between these largely varying frames of reference.

The music of Last Nighters can be classified as “Alternative/Indie/Rock”. Their songs are as individual & dynamic as the human mind.

Bright Like the Sun

Texas has always had a profound effect on its musicians. Whether made evident through identity, personality, tradition or sound, it is apparent in all cases that bands from Texas are shaped from and heavily influenced by the Lone Star State – Bright Like The Sun is no exception.
Bright Like The Sun is a Post-Rock band from San Antonio. They were born in early 2012 from the collective desire to make beautiful, thought provoking, and at times, chaotic music. Much like fellow Texan bands like Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You, they are entirely instrumental, and known for creating progressively intricate waves of ambiance that grow with intensity and an unabashed wash of emotion. Attuned to their affinity for dynamics, seeing them live takes the listener from deafening walls of orchestrated sound, to melodies so subtle that one finds themselves acutely aware of their own breathing.
Bright Like The Sun’s debut album, Coda Fin, was engineered/mixed by Alex Bhore (of This Will Destroy You), and mastered by TW Walsh (of Pedro The Lion). The record, which was self released, will be available on April 12, 2013.

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