Daniel Maloso

The Comeme caravan continues their trek to dance floor domination now coming out with Daniel Maloso - undeniably, the labels newest and biggest talent to be reckoned with. Maloso was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico representing a new sprouting breed of young latin american producers.

As a multidisciplinary musician, producer and audio engineer he has been working with Matias Aguayo and the comeme crew in the past years doing acclaimed releases and trailblazing clubs around Europe.

You might already know him thanks for helping co-produce the infamous "Guerrero" 12" serving out proven dance floor killers like "Venganza y Seduccion". and for the desert disco psychedelia of the "Desierto" 12".

Maloso´s disco is undeniable - creator of an already comeme favorite "Ritmo Especial" (Comeme 006) hailed by Bleep/Warp as one of the top tracks of 2010, plus you defintlley heard it in every DJ set Michael Mayer dished out over the past year.

He's live shows are throbbing sweat drenching body music found at the depths of drum machines, beats and monophonic synths with attitude at the microphone. A place where old and new collide! Those who have been lucky to catch a Comeme party on the recent Comeme European tour would have seen this force playing solo and sharing the stage with Matias Aguayo. Expect to see more of them together and more of his solo work coming out on Comeme.



Moss has been a figure in Chicago house music since the late '80s. Early on, he was taken under the wing of house legend Adonis, who became a key mentor figure in Moss' life and an inspiration for his production.

Simply put, Moss is everything that makes music exciting and good. His production is fearless, he defends the history of house while consistently pushing boundaries, and he continues to work non-stop in his own direction.

Moss also runs the prolific MATHEMATICS label, and has put out works by the likes of LIL' LOUIS, ADONIS, STEVE POINDEXTER, MARCELLO NAPOLETANO, and BASIC SOUL UNIT.


Conor’s an extremely influential, yet somewhat mysterious figure in SF’s disco and house underground. It’s known that he has an enviable collection of disco on wax, that he’s not afraid to use it, yet no one seems to know if he sleeps, or where his bed is, or if perhaps he just lies down among record crates with one eye open, scanning his vinyl collection….

In any case, the guy knows what he’s doing. Along with SF’s Solar, he’s booked, hosted, and played alongside a long list of the world’s best underground electronic, house, and disco artists at his party series No Way Back, and his taste and talent for curating artists, and selecting records, is widely acknowledged to be some of the best around.


When Solar began Djing in the early 90's, San Francisco's Clubs and Raves were places where musically, anything could happen. To be a DJ in this time and place meant having a fierce dedication to the craft of creating electrifying music for people to dance all night. A deep record collection and bold creativity were what people valued in the Djs they would go hear every weekend.

In 1994, Solar and a couple other Djs began bringing a sound system and a generator to the Berkeley Marina for free gatherings to dance and watch the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. As these Sunset parties grew from dozens to hundreds, and now thousands of attendees, Solar become one San Francisco's best loved DJs. Known for his eclectic sets, blending Techno, Disco, House, Electro and electronic music with the energy of Punk and Psychedelic Rock, Solar has built a loyal following among a discerning crowd of dancers and party goers used to hearing every touring DJ you've ever heard of. Nearly twenty years of playing music for crowds large and small has evolved a style of Djing that seamlessly fuses the best of classic and modern dance music. More recently as resident and co-creator of the No Way Back parties, Solar has earned the reputation of a DJ devoted to the art of mixing and selecting music without regard to ephemeral fashion, trends or fads.

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