TORREBLANCA is a Mexican band that plays Alternative Pop-Rock (with
some symphonic influences and weird, playful, intimate and thoughtful
lyrics). It's a band that strives –more than anything- to connect with
the audience live at the stage through original, not boring, powerful
and intense lyrics., with fresh and streamlined interpretations.

Among band members everybody see themselves as friends, companions,
accomplices and (more than anything, the main idea) as professional
musicians. It's nothing new to say independent music today is new
world with uncertainty and surprises. The guys of TORREBLANCA know
this and they don't know yet what will happen in the future, but if
there is anything they do know is that they all love music and (above
all) they love to make music. They hope that music never leaves them and that they never leave music.

$12 ADV - $15 DOS


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