Go Fight, Crusader, 13 Angels, Dead Man's Wake, Stoop Goodnoise

Go Fight

GoFIGHT! (Featuring Jim Marcus)
Ex members of Die Warzau, Go Fight is probably the Gnarliest Electroscuzz band in the Midwest.


Hailing from Chicago and the UK, CRUSADER is relatively new to the metal scene in Chicago, although they are all veterans of playing live music, having only been officially a band since spring of 2010. Tired of hearing run-of-the-mill corporate produced ‘metal’, CRUSADER decided to raise the flag and rally the troops to their banner.
Raised on classic rock, speed metal and thrash through to doom, and everything in between and beyond, CRUSADER proudly and unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves.


The 6 - Shannon James Jahnke.
The Soap Box - Sean Luke.
The 4 - Chris Wolf.
The Thud - F. Charles Urbaytis.
The 88's - Gwen Klemenz.

Stoop Goodnoise

Stoop Goodnoise, A band building, wrecking, and rebuilding again as they lead the way in the new Chicago Rock & Roll scene. Chicago has always been a city of collided cultures coming together to form something amazing and there is no band that encapsulates this like Stoop Goodnoise. A facepunch of 90's grunge fury, punk choruses, and intergalactic guitar solos. One part Chicago street kids, one part classic rock phenoms, but all one original sound that can not be missed, that can not be ignored, that cannot be stopped.

They have played at numerous clubs around Chicago like Bottom Lounge & Beat Kitchen and have gone as far as being one of the three finalists in the MTV VMA 2009 Best Breakout Chicago Artist Contest where they supported All Time Low & White Tie Affair at Six Flags Great America. Theyre set from that day was also featured on Comcast On Demand Chicago for the entire city to view at theyre fingertips.

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