Jim Libby

Jim Libby

Born November 1976, Jim began his life on a farm in Massachusetts. His family
raised all of their own food including cattle. A work ethic and sense of pride was
instilled early on.

Jim’s family is very musical as his parents would sing him to sleep as a child with
old country music. This became his biggest musical influence. His Mother and
older siblings taught him to sing harmony. As a child, Jim also watched his older
brother and sister sing in rock and roll bands. This also became a big musical
influence to him. Jim’s brother Dan has an almost identical voice in the upper

Jim’s father was a mechanic and also a drag racer. This became another huge
influence in his life as Jim took a liking to controlling anything with wheels
including heavy equipment. At age 17 he had an opportunity to drive an alcohol
funny car and compete in the NHRA. By age 24 he became known for his driving
ability. Unfortunately they did not have enough money to continue racing at the
level they were on.

Early in Jim’s life he also developed a passion for manufacturing. He began
welding when he was 15 and machining parts for whatever needed fixing. One
of the ways he was able to go racing without a lot of money was that he made as
many of the parts on the car as he could. It was racing that furthered his skills and
sense of quality and pride into what it is today.

Today Jim is married and has a son and daughter. He is a self employed machinist
and welder. His passion for music has never died as he has been singing and
playing guitar since he was a child. He is now writing the songs of his life and
hopes to please and possibly inspire anyone he can.



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