MOTIVE: One of AZ's longest standing new wave of Thrash outfits with roots spanning back over a decade. Walking a fine line between retro and current while introducing their special brand of musical violence to a young new "hip" scene.

Lurid State

"Beginning with an ominous dirge and warnings of martial law, the new effort from Lurid State quickly proceeds to wire and detonate a dirty bomb of modern metal with blast pressure that gives you no choice but to nod your head. Make no mistake about the tag "modern," this isn't another bland and mediocre whatevercore record by a fifth rate clone band, but a great example of what happens when a ban
d takes the elements of this subgenre and creates something solid.

With tight rhythms and tasteful breakdowns, songs such as I Am The Light and When All Faith Dies relentlessly pummel the senses with confident swagger and tenacious energy. This attitude permeates the entire recording and helps to hold the listener's attention fixed to the music. However, Lurid State is not a one trick pony that simply has energy to throw at you. A case in point would be midway through the song Battle where the punishing pace descends into a slow, bass and drums driven interlude before dynamically building to an exploding crescendo. These atmospheric and melodic moments that are sprinkled throughout the sonic landscape really help to emphasize the impact of the heavy parts.

Clearly influenced by many styles of metal, Lurid State is adept at injecting these influences into their own music. From death metal to thrash to 90s' hardcore, and perhaps even a little black metal, the songs on "Dissenter" each have some variations that keep the proceedings fresh and engaging. There are guitar leads, blast beats, venomous riffs, and lots of groove that simply couldn't fail to set off explosive moshpits in a live setting.

There being no one formula that the band relies on to express their material really boosts the power of this album. The well thought out approach to writing gives each song an identity within the confines of the whole, there are simply no throwaway tracks to be found. The musicianship is top notch in all departments and the vocals of Sean Carr and Brandon Tutty are brutal and highly competent. Recording-wise, the record has a thick, robust and modern sound with a little dirt thrown in for good measure. This slight film of grit enhances the listening experience and distinguishes it from the lifeless and overly slick recordings of many bands in this style of music.

Taking all of this in, it cannot be doubted that Lurid State means business and has the chops and songs to back it up. They have shown immense growth since their first release in 2009 and with this new album are producing music that can proudly stand along side the output of many a national band in this genre. "Dissenter" is solid pile of proof that Arizona metal has a lot to offer and should be supported."

From Athens We Fled

From Athens We Fled is a 5 piece metalcore/post hardcore band hailing from Phoenix, AZ.

Newly formed but they are already garnering serious attention with their mixture of heavy grooves, epic harmonies and versatile vocals. No strangers to the stage, each member knows how to work a crowd and bring energy to fans that have become jaded by an overly saturated metal scene.

Scattered Guts

Ruben Munoz / Derrick Davis / Zack Egan / Nick Albares / Vance Eastland

“Many bands struggle to find their own identity but Scattered Guts offers a fresh, yet familiar sound to the scene. Scattered Guts‘music is littered with heavy riffs and powerful vocals. Drummer Vance Eastland is an absolute monster at creating a relentless, driving beat. Derrick and Zack have a perfect harmony of low-register guitar riffs, laden with shredding-style guitar work.”
-Sandra Acosta-Roberts - Death Weddle Arizona Metal blog

“Describing themselves as "Arizona style stoner thrash", Scattered Guts appropriately formed on April 20, 2008. The band plays an aggressive style of thrash metal.”

"They're an energetic and charismatic group which sets them apart from most locals. They joked around in between jams and showed some good stage presence and choreography as well. Their sound is definite American death and dare I say Cannibal-esque"
-Mario Campa -

Sons Of Providence

Memphis Roarke - Vocals, Upright Bass, Programming
Zebulon Hunting Jessup- Drums, Programming

Formed in 2011 in Phoenix, AZ, Sons of Providence is something truly avant-garde. They are constantly in pursuit of growth and evolution, pushing to find that as perfect as possible sound that is true to the mind of front-man and founder Memphis Roarke. Finding their place in the musical world has been a task, but this is not a band content on imitation.

They represent a personal darkness; pain, anger, depression, and despair. A head torn between saving the world and the futility of trying.

The band has already begun knocking out tours and festivals on their journey up, including the post-apocalyptic themed Wasteland Weekend held yearly in California. Where other bands simply get on stage and play their instruments, Sons of Providence understand that the people come out to see a show and without gimmick, a show is what they deliver!

This is only the beginning for this ever-evolving band.

-The Divine
(7-track EP, January 2012)
(4-track demo, March 2013)
-The Comedy Complete
(14-track LP, October 2013)
(Single, June 2015)
-A Conscious End To Suffering
(6-track mini-LP, November 2015)

Music Videos:
-"Conquest of the Prodigal Son"
(May 2014)



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