Sean Nowell and the Kung-Fu Masters

Inspired by Old School 70's Kung-Fu Movies, Sean Nowell and THE KUNG-FU MASTERS explode onto the scene with wicked grooves, insane atari style sounds, blazing fx driven horns, and the explosive energy of one of the top drummers on the planet: Ari Hoenig. Also let's not forget Live Visual Mixing with the most insane Kung-Fu Movie Scenes available on YouTube. Also Sound Activated LED T-Shirts. Also we're filming it, so come get crazy!

"...enough mind-bogglingly elaborate sounds over the course of an hour to satisfy a mutant millipede with ears in lieu of legs...ranging from creepy organ dissonance to funky “wah-wah” flickers to vintage electric piano flourishes and mercurial solos." "An eclectic update on the more cerebral music that emerged from the 1970's, such as progressive rock and Sweetnighter-era Weather Report. While the nearly anarchic harmony suggested free jazz, the boundaries between sections and Indian/math-rock-like timings show clean synchronization." - John Engelman - Knocks from the Underground

New York Gypsy All-Stars

A Greek bassist ducked into a little bar in New York’s Alphabet City and heard the Eastern Mediterranean and Southern Balkans pouring across the packed room. The clarinet was keening and singing, and he knew every tune.

From this blown-away moment of discovery, the New York Gypsy All-Starssprang, uniting bi-musical virtuosi raised on the lush sounds of Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, and American roots and forged in the halls of the world’s best music schools. With composerly ears and a madcap relish for ill and crunky sounds, the quintet of crack musicians tears through the tollgates separating the region’s interlocking roots on the long-awaited album of original pieces, Romantech (Traditional Crossroads) and on tour in February with concerts in cities including Chicago and NYC.


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