Dirty Beaches dream pop collaboration set w/ Heathered Pearls & Eola

Dirty Beaches dream pop collaboration set w/ Heathered Pearls & Eola

Alex Zhang Hungtai, AKA Dirty Beaches, started off as a one man band in 2005 in Montreal. A trans-pacific nomad and genre hopping sound smith, his past releases include drone instrumentals, film scores and a fascination with dissecting popular american music like blues, rockabilly, soul, RNB, and hip hop, often rendering them to the point where its no longer recognizable.

His latest release, Drifters/Love Is The Devil, is a double LP that chronicles the musician’s life on the road over the past 2 years, as we follow him down the rabbit hole through the labyrinths of Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, and many other cities through heartbreak, rebirth and masochistic existential self reflection.

Recorded between Montreal and Berlin in the winter of 2012, the double LP is separated only by aesthetics, as they are tightly woven together thematically as one conceptual piece. If 2011?s Badlands was an exercise in exorcising past ghosts in a semi-fictional world, then Drifters/Love Is The Devil is a reflection on the fragility of reality. One, of the surface world in which he explores the night life of bright neon temptations dwelling in hedonistic irresponsible values, and the other of the inner world, one of remorse and lovelorn tragedies.

As stated by the artist himself, “the most honest piece of music I’ve ever written.” Drifters/Love Is The Devil is out May 21st, 2013 on ZOO MUSIC.

Porcelain Raft Playing the Silent Speech EP

In September, I started recording my new album and the first thing I decided to do was sell all of my instruments. I didn’t want this record to sound anything like Strange Weekend so, to avoid any temptation, I sold almost everything…and got few new things. Most importantly, I got a modular synth.

I was spending my days recording a new record in the studio, and at nights found myself jamming on the modular more and more, obsessively recording everything I was doing.
I remember reading the sentence “Language is often a defense” and wanting to follow it, like a game.

The result of these late night sessions is an instrumental EP called Silent Speech, I hope you enjoy it.

Andy Boay

Andy Boay is a solo project from Montreal’s favorite adopted American, Msgr. Andy White. As the guitar-playing half of the brother-duo Tonstartssbandht, this current manifestation of his solo music evolved when the band became split between Montreal and New York respectively. The project combines his guitar playing with a capella singing and, for performances, live video interactions. The range of song styles is thankfully hard to pinpoint while he carries on with Tonstartssbandht styled vocal psych-pop, ’70s inspired slipping riffs and culture-stopping humanist melodies. White’s output as Andy Boay continues a decade long run of solo writing and recording that began with his 4-track acoustic psych-folk project The Media, as a 13 year old Floridian. He fulfilled his life long goal at the age of 20 when he received the bicep tatoo “James Gang Rides Again”. His philosophy is summarized in the words, “I bid thee well”. Buddha never knew a better brother


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