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Dream Circle is an electronic/world/hip-hop band formed in Brooklyn in 2011 by Katy Walker & Azusu. The duo is made up of Katy Walker (lead vocals, keys, production) and Azusu (djembe, production). Their music is a spiritualized genre-bending journey into electronic, house, hip-hop, dub reggae and African music. Walker, who is originally from Austin, TX, met Mejia, the second generation Dominican and Bronx, NY native, while producing a music video and playing for another band.

Their debut album LOST ART was released in 2013 on Unemployable Music,their indie label. The album’s stand out tracks are “So Many Things”, “School of Life”, and the dub reggae infused “Original”. On their first album, they also collaborated with vocalist Nikkie Bliss (who performs with the band), multi-instrumentalist Ben Zwerin who tours with Anjelique Kidjo, rapper Johnny Voltik and vocalist Stephanie Morrillo.
“So Many Things” (The Remixes) released July 2014 via Unemployable Music features deep house remixes by OP! (I Love Vinyl/Dubspot) & Doctrations from Rotterdam, Netherlands and features a spaced-out hip-hop remix by A-frillz that drew a comparison to Flying Lotus. Their latest release is an EP of additional remixes from the Lost Art album by hip-hop/dance music producer, Pherixx.

The band has completed the demo of their second LP, tentatively titled “Twin Souls” and will be recording at a brand new studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with plans for a summer release. They perform as a trio periodically in the NYC area.

Landing in London recently with a brand new project under the Beca pseudonym reveals a fresh, darker, moodier sound that fits Beca like a glove. Musically gifted from a young age, Beca is a graduate of the Juilliard composition school and has traveled all over the American continent sharing her talent, writing and composing for a vast array of different artists whilst developing her own path and voice.

Last year, Beca released two stunning EP's on UK label This Is Music Ltd. (Charli XCX, Little Boots). Her debut “Let’s Run Wild” covers a whole range of sounds and emotions, and reaches out from the depths of the subconscious to grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand repeated listening. Ashley Beedle’s remix of “Let’s Run Wild” takes the original’s smooth sound, and cranks things up a gear, creating a sonically powerful track that promises peak-time dancefloor action and a rattling of soundsystems worldwide. On the B-side, Klic (better known under his alternative alias ‘Medlar’) creates a big and bassy house/garage hybrid using cut up vocals. “Fall Into Light” shifts the mood back to the dark atmospherics that hold this project together, and describes a powerful tale of desire and forbidden romance, while an electric ride of stripped-back beats takes you on an effortless journey through the music.

Her second release "Born To Fly" showcases Beca’s soulful, minimal RnB side EP and features two new tracks and intricate re-workings from newcomer Madeaux and "Born To Fly" producer Midnight Magic’s Morgan Wiley. The “Born To Fly” (Madeaux remix) morphs the title track into an infectious rhythm-heavy banger with swirling synth lines and reverberating vocals. Beca’s self-produced cover of Cristina’s “Rage & Fascination” with additional production from drummer and collaborator Xack Xweig sets a sensual tone. The “Rage & Fascination” (Snorlax remix) is a twisted Witch House instrumental take on the track.

Both EP's are available for purchase on iTunes and Beca’s website.

Imagine a female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA.


"Beca is a young New York artist who started out studying composition at Juilliard but who has since turned her talents toward making wispy, ethereal electro-pop." -Stereogum

"Trance-like pop" -Lucky Magazine

"A bit of sexy as fuck" -The Joy of Violent Movement

"If you're looking for a show full of energy and tingling beats this is it." -Critical Mob

Stephanie Morillo

Stephanie Morillo’s journey in music began as a child growing up in New York City listening to her father’s records. At age 14, Stephanie enrolled in the vocal music program at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, which boasts a roster of famous alum including Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston, Adrian Brody, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks. In 2011, Stephanie released her first single with electro funk band Belle Boussole entitled “Midnight Aria”. In February 2012 she released her debut EP Love Language, and has already worked with artists such as Mandala and DANGERDISKO. Stephanie is currently working on her debut, full-length album, which will be released in 2013.

“Music making, like any form of growth, is a slow and arduous process,” says Dominican-American vocalist Stephanie Morillo (pronounced moh-REE-yoh). “It’s an art that I’ve invested twenty years of my life to learning more about. And yet I’ve only just reached a point where I’m able to assess that, based on where I’ve been and where I want to be, the possibilities are endless.”

Coming from the land of sunshine, Sara was fortunate to grow up in a family who was uncommonly nurturing to her artistic leanings. Her family was, and still is, very close and very musical. Growing up in Florida and always mesmerized by vocalists like Barbra Streisand, Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, Dixie Chicks and countless others, Sara first became involved in musical theater and jazz music. She went on to study classical voice at Florida State University before changing directions and moving to Nashville.

Sara’s sound combines the control and melodic power of her classical training, melancholy of lost loves, the southern stylings from a lifetime love affair with country music, and the grit and truth found in her current home in New York City. All of this, still leaving you with a hope of a positive outcome in things to come. Her new album, Lover, No Longer captures this spirit completely, through woven tales of love, loss, heartache, and hope.

When she is not writing and working on music, Sara is usually exploring , travelling, spending time with family, doing yoga, hiking whenever possible, and enjoying chocolate, coffee, wines, and health foods.



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