Communion of Darkness- Black Metal Fest


“MYSTERIARCH” n. One presiding over mysteries.

Mysteriarch was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2002. Drawing inspiration from the occult, as well as humanity's mystery traditions and the hidden aspects of existence, they wasted little time establishing a powerful and unique style of black metal. The band's first EP “Renaissance of the Maelstrom” was recorded in 2004 and was only distrubuted privately
among friends.

After several years of extensive gigging and line-up changes, the band's debut full-length album “The Majestic Fall” was released through Ophiucus Records.

In 2011 Mysteriarch signed with U.S. label Razed Soul Productions to release their 2nd full-length album "Mournful Embrace of Aeons", along with a re-release of the debut full-length album and EP.

Mysteriarch have shared the stage with some of Metal's elite acts, including Absu (USA), Blood Red Throne (Nor), Grave (Swe), Chthonic (Twn), Epica (Neth), Mayhem (Nor), Rotting Christ (Grc), Sothis (USA) and many more.


Spawned from the blackest sulfur stenched, fiery bowels of Hell. Born to spread blackened blasphemy and denounce false truth. Our only Idol is True Metal with no bullshit.


Helgardh was formed in late 2009 in order to bring a much darker atmosphere to the Appalachian metal scene, and has been widely accepted throughout the eastern region of the US. Many influences have shown through in the music, which has created a more technical, aggressive style of black metal unique to the genre. This dark, aggressive style is described by Raging Power Web Magazine as a "recipe of dark, evil extreme black metal that is brutal to taste!!" -(Erick, Raging Power)
This is the beginning of the false metal genocide!!


Vørgum is a heathen black metal band formed in the summer of 2009 as a result of the alliance of Casey Williams (Vithrir) and Matt Thyssen (Sköll). After two demos (Self-titled (2009), II (2010)), the pair began work on an EP "The Binding Of Gleipnir" (2011) and subsequently a full-length "Wind Age, Wolf Age", which is yet to be officially released. In 2012, Vørgum added Evan Phillips (Earendell) from Throne Of Carrion to play drums, and began to play shows. The trio is currently in progress on a second full length, Thor Makes His Power Known to the Inhabitants of Midgard. The songwriting almost complete, they plan to record sometime in mid 2013.

Created in the Fall of 2012, Heron became a vessel for trying to recreate the atmosphere one feels when faced with the formless misanthropy of depression amidst the tranquility of surrounding flora and fauna. It is this duality created from the raw bleakness of modern existence and the consoling environment we are steadily losing touch with that inspires our music.

$10.00 - $12.00


Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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