Popshop West 010 with Kate Boy

"Not a whole lot is yet known about the darkly tinted electronipop act Kate Boy, except that three of them hail from Sweden, and one from Australia. Earlier this month, the group went from obscurity to growing concern when their track "Northern Lights" was suddenly spackled across the blogosphere with much ado. But the excitement wasn't for naught. The song and, by extension, its video (watch that below) are as subtly hypnotic as they are propulsively powerful.

Now we've got the promise of a full Northern Lights EP due January 22 via IAMSOUND (Salem, Lord Huron, Charli XCX), and a second song to hear, "In Your Eyes." While perhaps not quite as exciting as the Peter Gabriel cover we expected it to be, its subdued yet engrossing nature makes a case for Kate Boy being more than a one-trick pony. Mentions of the Knife have been pretty much unavoidable so far, though Jessie Ware and Little Dragon also come to mind." --SPIN

Formed earlier this year, Lovelife is the product of Ally Young and Lee Newell's sort of opposites attract energy and creative collaboration. With a stroke of strange symmetry, the two met in the midst of failed relationships and freshly cut projects, themes over which they found mutual inspiration and resiliance. After months of writing and recording in remote locations around England, the duo brazenly decided to relocate to Brooklyn for an indefinite stay, playing their first shows and finding a radical new stride.

With a few completely infectious tracks already available on their Soundcloud, it's clear the project takes its R&B pop vibes from the likes of Frank Ocean, Prince and Justin Timberlake with a backbone in classic indie electro-pop. The duo hit its stride splitting duties with Newell writing lyrics and melody aside Young's production skills. Live, the project is not a producer/ computer set up, but rather a full backing outfit that delivers a rock band caliber show.

Somewhere within the depths of LA, the band Bom Bom was born. After years of songwriting for some of the biggest names in music, Sophie Stern switches gears to focus on her own musical output.Backed by drummer/producer David Greenbaum’s uniquely modern production style, Bom Bom has taken on its own identity, reaching from the furthest corners of pop music and connecting the dots seamlessly through the decades. With a dash of Motown soul, hip-hop, and contemporary pop radiating from Sophie’s previous work in the Dr. Luke universe, Bom Bom are gearing up for a full on 2013 takeover. With their debut single ‘Woman’ leaking onto US blogs over the last few weeks, and an upcoming EP out soon, settle in with Bom Bom as summer is welcomed in with appropriate delight.

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