Maya Isacowitz

Maya Isacowitz (born in 1987) is a singer-songwriter, the daughter of South African Parents. She was raised on Kibbutz Ma’ayan Baruch in the North of Israel. Maya, whose father, Peter, builds musical instruments, grew up in a musical home,and started playing the guitar and singing at the age of 14.

At the age of 21 she began performing all over Israel, initially accompanying herself on guitar. Her cousin, Shai Lochoff, joined her on lead guitar, and they later put together a band with a drummer, violinist and bass guitarist. A “buzz” developed around Maya’s performances, and her audiences grew rapidly.

Debut album- “Safe & Sound”-
In August 2011 she released her debut album, “Safe & Sound” (self-produced), a folk-rock album which contains elements of soul, blues and country.

Maya has released three singles from the album – “Is It Alright”, “Safe & Sound” and “Brave Again”-all were put onto the play list of the main music station in Israel – “Galgalatz”-and are played regularly on other regional stations. There have been numerous positive reviews in the press voting Maya “Discovery of the year”, as well as interviews and features on radio and TV.

“Safe & Sound” has to date sold nearly 15,000 copies, which in the limited Israeli market is extremely unusual.
Maya and her band have been performing with increasing regularity all over Israel. Her performances are packed with an ever-growing audience, who are captivated by the magic of her voice and songs.

“Best New Artist 2012″-
Maya recently won Israel’s prestigious ACUM award for “Best New Artist” (ACUM is the Israeli music copy-right collection agency).

In May this year, Maya was one of the headliners in the “Jacob’s Ladder” folk festival. She also collaborated with the successful electronic band, “Infected Mushroom”, on their latest album “Army of Mushrooms” in the track “Wanted To”. She was invited to perform with them on tour celebrating the release of their album.

On July 16th this year, she was chosen to be the opening act for Chris Cornell at “Shuni Ampitheatre” in Israel on his “Songbook 2012″ tour.

Maya finished her "Safe & Sound" tour (that included over a 100 shows!) and is now working on her second album, which is due to come out later this year.



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