Bionic Cavemen, Thee Arthur Layne, Dead Feathers

Bionic Cavemen

Chicago Psych / Blues Rock

Thee Arthur Layne

"Psychedelic-punk-blues damaged garage skrunk, 60 cycle hum free thunk, fortified with metallic orange hard rock and purple crunk!!!" featuring Jason Walters(vocals & harp), Adam Scott(guitars & chants), Sap Defiler(bass & chants) & Angel Ledezma(drums)

Dead Feathers

We are Dead Feathers, a rock group born several years ago from the minds of Tony Wold(guitar) and Rob Rodak(bass) under the name Nostalgia. We are a group influenced mostly by classic rock bands, but we do stray into more modern music from time to time. Our hope is to recapture some of the beauty and art that is so uncommon in modern music, while creating something new and interesting.

We're currently working on our debut album along with playing shows to promote our music. We try to work on a very professional level, and we will continue to do so as a commitment to making good music.


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