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Paging Raymond

Paging Raymond spent the greater part of the early 2000s supporting their critically- acclaimed CDs "Please.Quiet.Recording," & "Bridges Left to Burn" (Both available on taking their thoughtful and infectious blend of pop, rock, and alt-country across three time zones and back.

At home (Indianapolis), Paging Raymond scored several high-profile opening slots for national acts such as The Samples, Bob Schneider, Wayne, Graham Colton, and Bonepony. The band received national airplay for the single "Alibi" and were nominated for two awards by the music organization Just Plain Folks.

Released in December 02, Paging Raymond's second album, "Bridges Left to Burn." reflects both increasingly mature songwriting and the loose, confident performance of a band that has hit its stride. The album was kick started by the band winning a WIUS (Bloomington)
sponsored songwriting contest. The winning song is the album's second track "Wrote It Down," (It's also where the album gets its title.
"I know you live and you learn/ Well, put on your best dress baby, we got bridges left to burn") Paging Raymond won a day and a half at Echo Park recording between the gold-record-lined walls of Mellencamp's guitarist-Mike Wanchic's Bloomington studio.

Following in the footsteps of SonVolt, The Why Store, and Ben Folds Paging Raymond recorded 11 tracks, including the Johnny Cash cover "Folsom Prison Blues."

After the free time was up, the meter started running, and three months later this independent band released their definitive work.


An acoustic-driven sound borne of sugar-sweet melodies and uplifting, harmony-drenched choruses that are counterpoint to songwriter Tim Wilsbachs smoky, Midwestern vocals and introspective lyrics.



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