Maiah Manser @ The Back Bar

Maiah Manser @ The Back Bar

What does a specific sound emulate? How can a particular tone trigger a memory? With a passion to capture a thought in sound, Maiah Manser asks these questions.

Before coming to such concepts she grew up in Bend, OR with a drive geared directly towards the arts. With this, she decided to soar for a degree in jazz composition and performance at Cornish College of the Arts. There, Maiah studied with masters of their medium. After leaving Cornish, she joined The Esoterics in 2011, under the direction of Eric Banks, and began further experimenting and expanding her fascination. Once 2012 came along, she took the role as lead singer and composer of the two different bands NeyeN and Ventrillo. The latter (including members from Spyn Reset and Open Blue) plans to release it's first album "Strings Attached", recorded by engineers of The Art Institute and Space Noise Studios. Separately, she was approached by Mary Lambert (singer of Macklemore's new hit "Same Love") and Whitney Lyman (of Pollens) to help with the performance of their solo work. In between the groups, Maiah began teaching voice, violin, viola and piano at 4/4 School of Music, which has been an incredible inspiration for her newest project. For the past several months, Maiah has been working with the innovative mind of Sean Bulkley to produce her album, "First Words" and has put together a 6 piece band of music professionals to promise a full and energetic sound. From the diversity of her and Sean's past work, this album has taken on influences such as rock, jazz, middle eastern music, and even acid house. Though the styles may be vast, her true intention still remains: to parallel the world we live in today, both in sound and thought. Stuck between a digital and still organic world, what moves us?


"Since first appearing on the Seattle music scene in January of 2013, Tangerine has been featured by numerous print and online outlets, including the Guardian, NME, BUST Magazine, KUOW/NPR, Tom Tom Magazine, Everett True’s Collapse Board, KEXP, The Stranger, The Philadelphia Daily News, and The Seattle Weekly. Drawing on a diverse range of inspirations, from the Breeders and Fleetwood Mac, to the Velvet Underground and 90s R&B, Tangerine is never predictable, but always melodic. In a short period of time, they have established their own breezy and unique brand—raw, catchy, tender, and always impressive”

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