Limp Wrist

Limp Wrist

Limp Wrist is a United States punk rock band, formed in Albany, New York in 1998. Featuring members of Los Crudos, Hail Mary, Devoid of Faith, and Kill the Man Who Questions, the band plays short, fast hardcore music, and covers themes concerning the gay community in their live performances and lyrics. They identify as part of the "queercore" punk subculture: referring to their style of music, the band declared in Frontiers magazine, "We put the 'core' back in 'Queercore'".

Sad Boys

Just how much do you miss the 90s? Apparently, many of my peers do quite a bit, whether they're growing their hair out and emulating our grunge heroes on guitar or they're whipping out their middle school-era glue bags and have started working their calves on the reg with some healthy pogoing. As someone who counted Alice in Chains as his favorite band in the 7th grade, I didn't exactly live the latter lifestyle nor would I consider myself an expert of 90s street/pogo punk, but I do find the recent interest to be quite interesting, at least for now!

Sad Boys is definitely in the upper echelon of this revival, along with a few others that you are probably already aware of, and this debut 7" more than capitalizes on the promise of their demo. Their demo tape had a very peculiar production style that did not suit the music very well, but despite this, one could tell that there was serious potential in the songwriting, particularly with the song "Frolic!," which they've rerecorded for this 7", which benefits from its fuller production and its trimmed down running length. It's the lead-off track of four incredibly catchy and pogo-able songs that never get old and aren't too homogenous to blend together, which happened, at times, on the demo. The vocals, in particular, sound far improved, and the lyrical content is able to strike a balance between depressing and humorous, kind of like the members themselves!

Fruit Punch

“Does anyone want to start a queer hardcore/punk band? I’ve noticed a lack of fast, heavy, positive and empowering music in the queer world and I really want to give it a shot. Anyone interested?”
“Hell yeah, and I’ve got the perfect name…FRUIT PUNCH!”

Fruit Punch was born in a basement in Philadelphia, PA to proud parents Steve Sxaks and Drake Rodriguez in 2007. After several lineup additions and instrument changes, what started as a two-piece thrashy project evolved into a full five member band playing loud, intense, and often furious hardcore. Fruit Punch draws influence from classic gay hardcore/punk bands such as Limp Wrist, The Dicks, The Big Boys, and Pansy Division, as well as from Chain of Strength, Gorilla Biscuits, Black Flag, Madball, Sick of it all, H2O, Spazz, and Fleas and Lice. Their music touches on a wide range of social and political issues, including human rights, animal rights, and drug and alcohol abuse, and particularly addresses anyone and everyone who has been made to feel like an outsider. After six years of practice, various recordings and releases, country-wide tours, additions and breakups, and refocusing on priorities, Fruit Punch is back in 2013 with their strongest lineup and best music yet.



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