Dear Cousin Muscles, The Ghost Of Saturday Nite, Snake & the Plisskens

Dear Cousin Muscles

We're a 5 piece punk band from Raleigh, NC. We started in 2008, and we're still grasping at anything we can find that'll shed a little light on us; including free merch and playing shows, to getting famous artists to design our stickers and building our own pro recording studio. We do our best at accepting show bookings, even if they're last minute. So just shoot us a message if you're coming to our town, if we can't play, we'll still do anything in our power to make it a smooth and fun stay; from bringing a crowd, to finding you a place to crash. take care and hope to hear from any and all of ya.

For fans of: Lagwagon, Descendents, NOFX

The Ghost Of Saturday Nite

“The Ghost of Saturday Nite is a three piece group with a crunchy groove that’s their version of old school punk with west coast sensibilities.”
David - New Raleigh

For fans of: The Clash, The Wipers, Social Distortion

Snake & the Plisskens

For fans of Bad Religion, Joan Jett and The Semantics.

This semi freshman effort by Snake & the Plisskens is a testament to the post modern, pre-ska anti neolithic punk movement that shaped my youth. And yes, I caught myself topping out at 115 mph on the way home to the tune of "Burning Desires" (not even a lie). A+++++++++!!!!!!!!"
Jason Feagans



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