Emily Bell

Described as a cross between a sophisticated pop songbird, a soulful girl-glam tigress and a sexy, strutting rocker - equal parts Debbie Harry, Diana Ross and Mick Jagger, Bell's contagious live performances are the buzz about town. Her debut album In Technicolor will be in stores and online on May 28, 2013 with an exclusive pre-release at Austin's Waterloo Records on May 23. From lyrics you just can't get out of your head and a raw and authentic stage presence to her old-school sensibilities and timeless, multi-dimensional voice, Bell delivers on absolutely every level. Texas Americana great Hayes Carll says: "Emily Bell will knock you down, then lick your wounds, burn up the stage and leave you begging for more." Nakia, a fellow Austin-based artist and semifinalist on "The Voice," raves: "After seeing Emily Bell live I felt that she must be possessed by a raw electric demon singing with the voice of a heartbroken, fallen angel. I was immediately addicted and ready for my next fix."
Combining equal parts soul and rock 'n' roll, Bell's full-length album was produced by roots rocker John Evans and recorded in a remote lake house in the middle of Texas. The result is an album of one-of-a-kind gems co-written by Bell and Evans. In Technicolor's first single, "Back to the Way I Was," is Bell's return to her roots and the beloved music that filled her youth. "Emily wrote for years in Raphael Saadiq's studio in Burbank, Calif., before I found her," Evans says. "It was obvious she was no newcomer to pen and paper; the songs we were writing together had teeth." Desiring to eschew safety and instead capture the songs' energy, Bell and Evans decided to bring in Grammy-winning engineer Steve Christensen to complete the studio team.
The track "Hey Baby" has been selected for the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau compilation CD Austin Music Volume 12, also being released this month. "We're thrilled to feature Emily Bell on our annual compilation," said Amanda Garcia, music industry manager for the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The moment we heard her record and saw her perform live we knew she was someone we wanted to share with our visitors from around the world. You just can't get her out of your head!"

Hard Proof Afrobeat

he Austin-based collective of musicians known as Hard Proof are the sole purveyors of African funk in the state of Texas. Locally produced and internationally-inspired, they have established a following as Austin's best-known Afrobeat group. They don't just play Afrobeat per se, but funk and jazz music from and inspired by the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. If you enjoy listening to heavy horns and funky polyrhythms with tropical, mystical undertones, don't miss out on Hard Proof. Their sounds will both stimulate your brain and move your feet.

Members of Hard Proof also perform with bands such as Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Ocote Soul Sounds, Echocentrics, Calm Blue Sea and Cougar.

What the critics are saying about Hard Proof:

"The task of any Afrobeat ensemble is to first prove that they're well-versed in the classics and then bring something new to the conversation. Austin nine piece Hard Proof Afrobeat does exactly that on a stirring self-titled debut that kick-starts with 30 seconds of hard funk fury and closes with a mournful jazz melody over sparse percussion that only loosely operates within the framework of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. From the dark psychedelic marauding of "Stolen Goods" to the Ethiopique groove of "Jimma", Hard Proof crafts moody instrumentals that lean more toward Budos Band than Antibalas. A rumbling baritone sax churns the hypnotizing crawl of "Mahout", while the brass (which splits time with Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears) blows hard on "No Consideration" and freaks out on "M.E.N.D." The best of the band's brooding grooves border prove Afrobeat is alive in Austin. This debut is Hard Proof." -Austin Chronicle

"Austin nine-piece Afrobeat outfit Hard Proof hardly need to prove themselves as a great Afrobeat group, their music stands for itself. Their debut album came out last fall, and it is filled with instrumentals informed by the group's great sense of melody and rhythm." - KUT's Texas Music Matters

"What is appealing about Hard Proof is [sic.] the elements of jazz, funk and African rhythms that they fuse together to create a unique sound. While there are many talented musicians in Austin and an equal number of great bands, Hard Proof offers fans something out-of-the-ordinary in terms of the local music scene." - Greg Ackerman - Austin Concerts Examiner (examiner.com)

Larry g(EE)

Larry g(EE)'s debut EP "Weekends" is truly the sound of an artist coming of age. After the 2010 break-up of his band of 5 years, Larry is set to break out with his first solo effort.

While the sound of this project is influenced by the soul sounds of '60's/'70's-era group harmonies, he is not trying to replicate that sound entirely. "I'm anything but a pure traditionalist or revivalist.", says Larry. The music draws from the Motown/Stax period, as much as it does from modern day hip-hop.

"Weekends" is a collection of retro funk-soul songs with a contemporary twist. This unique album will separate Larry from the pack as an emerging artist on the rise.


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