Want to enter your band for a chance to perform at MAYHEM FEST 2013? Send an email to and read the rules below:

Bands should play no more than 4 songs and should limit sets to 15 minutes. As this is a label showcase, this will be strictly enforced and your band should be prepared to bring their "A" game and play nothing but your best 4 songs.

To enter, your band must be unsigned. Play with passion, confidence and perform with conviction.

Judging is based on song writing, originality, stage presence, crowd reaction and tightness of playing. The winner is ultimately based on talent and perceived potential. However, we strongly believe bands should be getting as many fans and friends out as possible to support them. Headbang for the Highway gives out honest, yet constructive criticism.

The judges will speak with each band individually after their set to give constructive, but honest criticism.


Mooresville, NC based SKIN KAGE formed in early 2005. Their goal? Attacking the local metal scene with a ferocity that few could match. Skin Kage is heavy metal thrashcore, and were quickly turning heads around the area. Frank Brown (vocals) engages you with intimidation and extreme vocalization. Travis Donaldson (guitar) stirs together odd-time and unconventional rhythm patterns while David Phillips (guitar) adds a throat-grabbing style. He, along with Juston Greene (bass), add deep, dark components of a rhythm section to be reckoned with. Peavy (drums) applies old-school influenced abilities to lock down the wreckless fucking abandon that unites this entity... SKIN KAGE!

Skinkage is a diverse combination of all types of metal. We like producing a well rounded sound so everyone can enjoy us!! Our first album "THE DEVASTATION AT HAND" was focused on brutality, groove,technicality, & stretching it out just a bit with some singing vocals to add a melodic sound. The new album "AWAY WITH THE TIDE" is a more broadened version of the SK sound that u already know & love. To sum it up, the new album offers more groove, more intense brutality, more singing that helps put emphasis on melody, crafty well placed technicality, & tons of heavy big riffs to drive home a little of that southern metal sound that we love!!

$10.00 - $13.00


Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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