King By Friday

KING BY FRIDAY is an orignal band based out of Libertyville IL. Their music is up-beat and driving, featuring elements of each member's unique background and style. Though they are primarily an original band, they do also have several sets of covers in their arsenal. There is something for everyone at every King By Friday show! In addition to great music, their presence on stage invites the audience and keeps people tapping their feet all night long! Between the music and the onstage charisma, King By Friday brings a show that is energetic, entertaining, and an all-around good time!

The Bribes

The Bribes play dirty, moody, imaginative blues-rock from the soul. Relying on genre-bending songwriting originality and good old-fashioned musical instrumentation, the Chicago-based band has played a dynamic brand of rock and roll for toe-tapping audiences all around the city since 2011. Haunting stylized vocals and huge electric guitar act as anchors to round out their dark, bluesy sound. With musical influences ranging from early American blues to the British Invasion, The Bribes have sparked comparisons to artists like Elvis and The Black Keys, but they have cultivated a sound that is all their own.

This spring, The Bribes are building on their strong foundation with a new record, The Man is Good and Fine, out April 11. Their first full-length release boasts nine raw, complex tunes that were made for the modern stage, but that wouldn’t be out of place at an under-the-sea fifties prom or a klezmer revival show in the eighties. Dancing encouraged.

High Energy Physics

This new Chicago music outfit features members of Kerosene Stars and Wells-next-the-Sea. With the melodic sensibilities of Elvis Costello, fueled by power-chord enthusiasm and air-tight chord changes, the band barrels through each song with raw grit and effortless precision. It’s rare for a power pop group to produce complex and carefully crafted songs that also thoroughly rock—but these lads have done it, and the resulting tracks are both frenetic and thoughtful, creating songs that are great through hifi speakers, and even better in headphones.

Magatha Trysty

Up-and-coming indie rockers Magatha Trysty are a power-pop force to be reckoned with. Based in Chicago, founded in 2009 and reformed in 2011, this four-piece outfit is making its mark with narrative songwriting, undeniable hooks, and sweet boy/girl harmonies – delivered with a kinetic punch. Their exuberant live shows – featuring manic guitar riffage, tasteful keyboard color, witty lyrics, in-your-face delivery and bombastic rhythmic energy – bring their diverse and solid set of original rock music to the next level.

The husband-and-wife team of Christopher David (lead vocals/guitar) and Catherine Louise (lead vocals/keyboards) front the group, share lead vocals and songwriting duties, and exude an enthusiasm and connection that goes beyond the music. Their commanding stage presence drives the infectious aural assault, while hometown rock veterans Billy Blastoff (bass) and John Monaghan (drums) round out the foursome and put the “power” into this power-pop extravaganza.

Taking their cues from power-pop innovators (Big Star, Cheap Trick), indie-rock darlings (The New Pornographers, The Decemberists) and mainstream rockers (Foo Fighters, Green Day), the band has been busy writing, recording and playing shows throughout the Midwest. Their debut LP, “Your Clothes Will Wear Themselves,” was released on July 31, 2012.

The Mirandas

Nick Van Horn, Esteban Miranda, Aaron Marti, and Sergio Stryker- garage punk-rock band from Mt. Prospect, IL



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