Blending elements of old school funk, modern digital technologies, and relentless dance, Tula rose from the ground in early 2008. While the band all resides in Chicagoland, Tula's first show actually took place in Milwaukee, WI at The Rave. Since then, Tula has grown into a Midwest band, performing everywhere from Minneapolis to St. Louis and Indy. Be sure to check out www.tulajams.com for free music, details on upcoming shows, and news on the new album!

Lake Shore Vibe

LSV was formed in Aug. 2009 by Jim Hegarty, Carson Williams and Josh Kremer. Mike Mongoven and Dan Suwinski were later added, completing the lineup for the time being. Lake Shore Vibe then tailored their sound and began performing for audiences at venues and music festivals in the midwest.

Hailing from Chicago, LSV get's its genuine sound from the north shores. Nothing is off limits, and attending one of our shows has been characterized like being taken on a magical ride through space and time. Original songwriting from a surplus of genre's and genius improvisational skills is what keeps the fans coming back for more. The bands intention is to expand consciousness through light, love, beauty, wisdom and most of all our music.

Frau Troffea

In 1518, Frau Troffea sent citizens of the world into a frenzy as it became apparent that dancing to death was in fact a very real possibility as a Dancing Plague of Strasbourg took full effect.

Fast forward to 2012…

Frau Troffea continues to live in all of us. The random spunion still bouncing along hours after the show has ended, the casual head bopping as you walk down the street with a nasty groove stuck in your head, hell, even the foot stomping as you sit and read this.

Do you need a reason to dance?
Hell no…but we are damn sure going to give you one.

Frau Troffea's funk lives in all of us. There is no way of stopping her. So get aboard and let Frau Troffea take your booty shaking to a new level of insanity.

Tia Einarsen

The first show I ever played.. I was so nervous.. While I was singing a song about the boy who hurt my feelings (I was 15), he was t.p.'ing my house. He left the show to do it! But times have gotten better since then. And so my music kept writing itself...

$6.00 - $9.00


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