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Second Hand King
Cuff Da BossMann
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Ecid, mc/producer & fill in the breaks poster child is one of those rare artists that can rap, write, & produce in an arguably equal fashion. As a writer/mc Ecid crafts thoughtful, visual, honest, Heart over mind songs. As a producer he is the definition of a record digger. His sample based/drum heavy beat-scapes can be colorful, abrasive, grungy, simple, beyond bizzy, soulful, sparse & or dark. As a fearless leader Ecid is aimed at building "Fill In The Breaks" into one of the premiere indie-hiphop labels in North America, all while leaving America as paranoid & afraid of themselves as ever.

"Biograffiti" was Ecid's coming of age record, a personal glimpse at a twenty something just trying to figure it all out. "Economy Size goDD Costume" was his f--- you record, an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, honest to goodness middle finger in the face of society's time tested cliché's. And "Red Beretta" his third official solo album is the career-defining album that people five years from now will associate him with.

Known for his intense, personable, & insanely energetic live shows. Ecid has shared stages with the likes of KRS-ONE, Eyedea (E&A), Awol One (Shapeshifters), Sole of Anticon, OMD, 2MEX, QWEL of Typical Cats, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Blueprint, Glue, Hanger 18, Heiruspecs, POS, Sims, Cecil Otter, RA The Rugged Man, Killah Priest, Grayskul, Blowfly, & Count Bass D to name a few.

His new album Red Beretta, which is a "concept" album based on the bizarre events that turn a modern day hero into a monster is in heavy rotation on college radio stations across the US and has received praise from fans, peers & press alike. So check it out. Or else!

"Ecid is playing some really cool audio games with the samples he uses, and some of the production techniques help pull the listener in and keep them there. It's not only a rapper's album, but it's for the production heads too, who will be smiling at the known sounds and scratching their heads at the unknown ones for days, if not months or years."- OKAYPLAYER.COM

Prolyphic began writing lyrics in his parents' Rhode Island breezeway at the age of 14, using a dual tapedeck stereo to record rap songs over instrumental mixtapes. In 1999 he released his first demo tape and shopped it around at Scribble Jam, catching the attention of many stalwart figures of the underground hiphop scene such as Sage Francis, Sole and Kevin Beacham. This demo, a collection of songs and sketch interludes that tested the genre's artistic boundaries, acted as a precursor for the official albums that would soon follow.

For the next 4 years Prolyphic attended college, worked a day job, honed his writing skills, and, out of pure necessity, delved into beat production. With not much more than a Gateway PC, an MPC sampler, and some tedious record digging, his first self-produced album, "An Alarm Clock Set For 9:01," was birthed unto the world. It was a 70 BPM baby with blunted, melancholy backdrops. Soon after that Prolyphic linked up with Chicago emcee Robust on a collaboration project called "Stick Figures."

Prolyphic signed to STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS in 2005 when Sage Francis partnered up the introspective lyricist with his long-time production partner, REANIMATOR. The subsequent album, THE UGLY TRUTH, received critical acclaim even though it didn't quite match the success of the auto-tuned raps it sat beside on the charts that year. That was 2008, and by today's standards that's practically a lifetime ago. 5 years later the snarling, pessimist emcee has emerged once again, this time with eclectic DJ/Producer extraordinaire BUDDY PEACE (London, England,) to answer the question: "Where has Prolyphic been?" The content of this new album makes it abundantly clear; "in the same hell as you."

WORKING MAN takes the all-too-familiar tales of family turmoil, cancer scares, lack of health care, unemployment woes and then forges them into blue collar anthems. Buddy Peace's obscure loops and dusty breaks give the musical backdrop a quintessential "golden age" throwback sound, while Prolyphic uses grim life experience as the launching pad for an exploration of realities that are bigger than one man's experience. This is a collective experience and it comes across as such. We all know someone with cancer. We all feel the pinch of the bad economy. Now it becomes a matter of what to do with that frustration and how to address the bigger picture.

Prolyphic uses the personal approach and goes for the throat like never before. On songs like "DRUG DEALER" we hear about doctors pushing pharmaceutical products on his mother to treat her cancer, and why her ultimate decision was to refuse them. "SIX FEET HIGH" tells the story of his father losing the family business in the floods that overran New England a few years back. With his unique honesty in full view, Prolyphic courageously tells the story of what it meant to rebuild everything from scratch without help from the Government, and why experiences like this have working class New Englanders "losing faith in the Democrats."

It's not all doom and gloom though. The first single, "BUSINESS AS USUAL," has Prolyphic double-timing his vocals while weaving lyrics around a catchy, Buddy Peace bounce pattern. "DEATH OF THE BOOMBOX" is a playful posse cut that features SFR label mates SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS. Songs like "FUCK BANKS" use clever metaphors which help to illuminate the reasons why everyone is so disgruntled over their paychecks being "held for ransom." If the new generation of hip-hop fans are no longer interested in deriving meaning from their music, the intricate beat layering and masterful wordplay used throughout makes it more than worth the journey for them. However, in a musical climate where so much airtime is wasted on throwaway bars and the latest dance crazes, it's refreshing to see a duo like this making brave, honest music.


Over the past 10 years, Huey has honed his craft becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Kansas City music community. His unwavering freestyles and in your face content make him a long awaited breath of fresh air. Huey has been a featured artist on a host of projects, including Black Ice Vol. 1, Vol. 2: The Hatred, and an untitled, unreleased full length album (all in collaboration with SK of Vallejo, CA and Flo of Washington DC.)

Huey linked up with SK and Flo to form a group called Black Ice Clik in 2005. Due to unforeseen circumstances the group broke up in 2007. On the eve of the collapse, Huey was asked to join the Heet Mob out of Kansas City, MO. In 2010 Heet Mob dropped their long-awaited full-length album "Found Missin" on Chuck D's recording label, Slam Jamz.

Huey relocated to the Bay Area in the spring of 2010, where he reconnected with longtime friend and collaborator, SK. While in the Bay, he recorded his debut solo mix-tape "The Valley of the Beast". Due to financial circumstances, Huey was forced to leave California and return to KC by way of Denver, CO.Upon returning to KC, he began work on an EP titled "I Am Just Happy to be Here" that will dropping soon and features production from DJ Hylanda, Dan Matic and DJ Kutt.

After years of sacrifice and perfecting his signature flow, Huey is ready and willing to be the best. His consistency and dedication make him the ultimate MC ad we are excited about what he brings to the ta

Second Hand King

People always search for the question of who they are. I did, at some people you did, we all at some point looked for a reason why. I went through a lot of changes in my life, in fact many of the failures spawned many of my triumphs.

Second Hand King was first known as J-Oh, a freshman in High School, asking himself the same question. Ultimately I gave up and said I just wanted to be "normal". I wanted to be like everybody else, so I followed in line, I tried to fit in. J-Oh was my first rap alias, if you can picture a small, pale kid trying to hone his lyrics to the likes of The Game, Tupac, etc. that was me. I put out a CD, and it sold out, within seconds. What I tried so desperately to avoid, was eating at me all the time. I was a joke. I was a liar, thief, spineless, waste of money and time, that's who I was. But I was lucky...

I met a friend who changed my life one day when he questioned "who I was". At first I panicked, scared of what was already forming in my own head. I did what I always did, ran. Ran away from reality, but after all that running, I had to eventually stop and when I did I started to think. I looked around and every wall I built started to crumble. That's when I created Second Hand King. Second Hand King is a message, there's always another go around, and maybe this time, you'll go from peasant to king, but it's all about how you act and it's the choices you make. A little later I created my own style, Doo Wop Rap after hearing the song "The Duke of Earl" by Gene Chandler. That Doo Wop sound, that you can just put on a Doo Wop song and whatever is going on, just feel happy. Although still working on defining that sound, That Doo Wop Feeling that's what I want to bring in every song I write.

So the question of "Who I am". I still have no idea, but that's what makes this journey all worth it. Doo Wop / Rap is what makes me happy, and I have dedicated my life to promoting, creating, and performing. I guess in the long run, the question shouldn't be Who you are, but who you want to become.

Thank you for the time,
Joe Stanziola aka Second Hand King

The Abnorm

The Abnorm (aka L-wood, A.B.N.O., Abba-Niggy-Normal, Richard McSkitzo, Mr. All About Ya Momma, etc) escaped thru the tunnel of life on March 14, 1991. Ever since then, he's been a different person....

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