Electric Daddy Showcase with Valerie Geffner, Of Clocks and Clouds, Jon Mizrachi, and Liquid Blonde

Valerie Geffner

Valerie Geffner is a multifaceted artist. The Creatrix. Based in NYC, she has recently completed her album “antenna” which she both wrote and produced. A graduate of The Juilliard School, Valerie has a background in theatre, film and tv. She is a magnificent artist, producing paintings and drawings as well as clothing and bags. Able to engage audiences everywhere, Valerie has been declared “a commanding presence” by the LA Times. She can deliver the classics as effectively as contemporary, pop, and avante garde electronica.

Of Clocks and Clouds

Started as a solo electronic project in the bedroom studio of Joe Salgo, Of Clocks and Clouds are a prolific NYC based band, blending electronic and organic elements.

Karl Popper, the German philosopher of science, divided the world into two categories of measurable events: clocks and clouds. Clocks are precise and easily measured; clouds are amorphous and epistemic, "highly irregular, disorderly, and more or less unpredictable."

Jon Mizrachi

Jon Mizrachi is a multi-inistrumentalist and record producer residing in New York City who has worked with a wide range of incredibly talented people over the course of his ten year career. He toured Europe performing with Essie Jain, who was signed at the time to Ba Da Bing Records (of Beirut fame) and also opened for Bon Iver at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg. As a producer, he did drum programming work on Angus & Julia Stone’s Platinum-selling album "Down The Way", but you can’t really hear any of it unless you listen really closely to this one song. You can Google it though, he’s credited on there. During the making of the record he went to the beach with Julia Stone. As a young man he often hung out at Bruce Springstien’s house, but not where he lives now, the one where he was born in Freehold, New Jersey. There’s a Mexican family living there now.

For a year or so he played trumpet in the band Afuche (who toured with Merrill Garbus from tUnE-YarDs when she was in her old band Sister Suvi, but she’s now famous and signed to 4AD with artists such as St. Vincent, The National, Gang Gang Dance, Deerhunter, and others) but he left the band because he didn’t want to eat Waffle House all the time while touring. He regrets the decision in retrospect, but it allowed him to play with other people such as Will Stratton, whose debut record featured Sufjan Stevens on the oboe, which is worth mentioning. He’s friends with Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly from Japanther, Tyondai Braxton formerly of the band Battles, and Nat Baldwin who plays bass with The Dirty Projectors, but they've never actually played music together. Still though, it’s pretty cool that he knows them, right?

Jon works at a big time music publishing company where he helps make millions of dollars for artists such as AC/DC, James Brown, Meat Loaf, The Turtles, The Loving Spoonful, and many other really impressive dead people. He’s never met any of them, but technically speaking he works with them. Working in the music business has taught Jon the value of shamelessly dropping as many famous names as possible because often people won’t read things thoroughly and just scan through for names they know. Lady Gaga.
Jon Mizrachi improvises all his music on stage using just an acoustic guitar and a laptop to create intricate beats, noise, and cascading melodies. He's available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs at affordable rates.

Liquid Blonde

Liquid Blonde was spawned in a dark dingy room in front of an old computer in 2008 A.D. by the creator, Tyler Stone. After being cast off and raised by a pack of wild cyborgs, Stone journeyed to Planet Earth to tame the wild beasts with his amazingly inventive songs, music production, and performance. It wasn’t long before he was oozing through the underground New York City Nightlife as if he were liquid. Stone comes factory equipt with an over-active libido, can of hairsrpay, and a collection of the sexiest and deadliest musicians in Manhattan.

Dutra, a Brazilian-American, can pick a solo, sip Jack, and pick up a lady simultaneously. Brianna O'Hara Ores, a multi-dimensional babe that is just as deadly behind the bass guitar as she is with a hair crimper, rattles your mainframe. Dee Axx, the Russian-American Greek-God shreads the meanest guitar this side of the Epsilon Quadrant. And David Barton, the muscle building, lady killing drummer has shaken entire civilizations with his beats.

Transformed into one organism, they hi-jack and intoxicate the cryogenically frozen music subculture and give them life.



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