Andy D

Andy D is what you wanted to be when you were eight years old. He’s also an adult which means rather than just having adult responsibilities he also has adult freedoms to decide exactly what he wants to be and doing all he can to actualize that desire. He plays music this like he lives life and it sounds like Andrew WK meets Grand Master Melle Mel or Like Prince if he couldn’t sing that well and if he weren’t a hyper-talented multi-instrumentalist. This is what his music is all about: part epicurean hip-hop-dance songs and part sincere dance rock songs, being eclectic and catchy is the only goal.

He is now joined on stage and in the studio by his lovely wife Victoria AKA Anna Vision and his Shreddy Krueger of a guitarist Lord Sven Midnite.

His debut album Choose Your Perversion came out in 2007

His second album Songs in the Key of Magic came out in the spring of 2011 on Roaring Colonel Records.

His next album War Cries will be released this fall on Rad Summer. It is an amazing 15 song concept album about a Post-Apocalyptic world in which robot and mutant factions are at war with each other, and the music itself is an evolutionary step forward for Andy D as well.

This is rap but not necessarily hip-hop. It rocks but it’s not rap-rock. These songs are meaningful party songs but maximized! Andy D bends the genres but his influences are pretty apparent. And people take notice where ever he goes. From rapping about having sex with Werewolves to singing about quantum entanglement, no subject is taboo in an Andy D song; and he gets raunchy with it. Half of the fun of Andy D is hearing what he will say next… the other half is dancing. Welcome to your new addiction!

Sofa Club

NYC-based 80’s synth-pop inspired musical project of Danny Lane.

Ferns are a 4-piece dream-punk band based in Brooklyn, NY...Play Ferns' latest mini-LP, "Whatever We Plan"...Hear the combination of wild energy and tender pleas...See the stories of your life reflected back at you...Feel the raw nerves of modern times exposed...Ferns create spellbinding sounds to enhance your world. So you don't have to.



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