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Hot Apostles

A band that's impressively innovative yet steeped in rock tradition, Hot Apostles stand to lay claim to, not only the Denver music scene, but each and every pair of ears across the country; enticing listeners to ditch pretentiousness and scene politics in favor of classic riffage, powerful, instantly memorable melodies and endless, debaucherous good times. Despite being a relatively "new" band, Hot Apostles, with Eryn Swissdorf (vocals), Tay Hamilton (guitar), Bret Ahroon (bass) and Steve Brooks (drums), boasts four of Denver's finest, seasoned musicians who, in less than 6 months, already released a brief, yet satisfying, EP to whet the appetite of those hungry for refreshing rock 'n roll and are already back in the studio; hard at work on an upcoming full length. With that momentum showing no signs of slowing, expect to see plenty of Hot Apostles shows on your calendar and hear more tasty tunes blasting from your stereo.

BOX is interested in making music for the sake of making music. A simple love for the unknown is what BOX is about.

BOX has their story, but it is still unfolding. Please check later.

A little about Hi-Strung:

Hi-Strung: Orchestrated Rock and Sugar-Coated Switchblades

#1 on ReverbNation charts for Denver Indie Rock bands,

Gentle yet edgy, Hi-Strung has proven in a short time that they can rock the mountains of Colorado in haunting unison. Samantha Donen, aka "Doom," came from the Canadian provinces with a rhythm in her head and a song in her heart. Her deep voice and booming bass lines carried her South, where she performed as a bassist and back-up vocalist to many of Denver's best bands and musicians (Jonny Barber, Overcasters, Hexen, Curious Yellow, The Blackouts, The Bonnie Situation, Mama's Boy, and many many more). In 2010, Samantha seized the opportunity to start her own band when long time friend and cellist, Becky Christian (Lady Parts), encouraged her to take her original song writing to the next level. Fueled by the rhythmic pace of the cello, Samantha began her journey of composing and arranging an orchestrated rock band.
Samantha belts, whispers, and entices, singing her tale from one song to the next of the broken, often winding path of self-discovery. This siren wooed the romantic sentiments of Danielle Wells on cello, the thunderous drums of Shane Hartman (Black Lamb), the soul-bending guitar of Brian Fausett (Hexen, The Bloody Fives, Phantom Trigger), and electric violin & vocal harmonies of Jeremy Barber (Spiv, Free Radt, Sons of Queen). While Samantha catches your attention with her strong pop writing abilities as a front woman, the band accompanies with pure decadence, leaving one feeling nothing short of exhilarated.


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