Grass For That Ass ft. Whiskey Tango w/ The Query - Hosted By Ashley And Her Friends

Whiskey Tango

For the past three years, the Denver based quintet Whiskey Tango has been motivating Colorado crowds to move their feet with their high energy shows and high octane attitude. This Bluegrass band has grass roots, and they recently emerged from their basement studio with their debut album Groggy Mountain Mornings. Capturing the rawness of the band, as well as their tenacious tone and attitude, this album reeks of wild west whiskey fueled thoughts and has a cornucopia of sounds that may surprise you. This band isn't just Bluegrass, it’s “foot stomping slamgrass.”

Formed within Denver’s Jamband scene, Whiskey Tango embraces sounds from many genres and brings it all to a boil with mind blowing live improvisation. For 52 weeks straight, Whiskey Tango had a standing Tuesday night gig at Denver’s Jamband headquarters, Quixote's True Blue, and “Tango Tuesdays” became a fixture of the Denver scene. That year shaped Whiskey Tango into a band on a mission to get their music heard by a wider audience and eventually led the band to trim their line-up down to five core members.

While they are the first to admit there is no way a studio recording can capture the energy of their explosive live show, Groggy Mountain Mornings showcases the bands diversity. The album features elements of Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Funk, Reggae and Psychedelia-woven together into one seamless collection of songs. Unanimous love for The Grateful Dead just may well be the unifying thread that holds the Whiskey Tango tapestry together and their love of “Space” left no space unfilled.

You can download the entire album, Groggy Mountain Mornings, for free at

The Query

"The Query is an acoustic folk/pop duo that is the result of the beautiful collaboration of Sam Golden (vocals, guitar, baritone ukulele) and Jonathan Herring (vocals, cello). After the release of Golden’s EP and music video Blackened Sky, on which Herring performed on, there was a mutual agreement that there was true chemistry in the duo’s performance that needed to be explored. Since the formation of The Query, the duo has continued to provide intimate performances throughout Colorado including an appearance on MIX 100.3’s Dom and Jane Show. They have also composed for some independent Denver films, which lead them to perform live at the Denver Silent Film Festival of 2011. The Query songs revolve around encouraging the broken by relating on poetic truth; the duo has the tendency to captivate their audience by their unusual complimentary instrumentation, genuine chemistry, quirky banter, and harmonization that will remind their listeners about the power of voice. Through many intimate performances in venues, weddings, and recordings, The Query released A Little Night Music, an EP that was filmed and recorded live in 2012 with the duo’s friend, Emily Kitchen. The Query is currently recording their first full-length album, which is soon to be released."

OVER 21: FREE Before 9 PM & $10 After 9 PM / UNDER 21: $10 All Night


GRASS FOR THAT ASS is a Thursday Weekly at The Other Side that started in March feat. Bluegrass, Delta Blues, Dancegrass, Stompgrass, Jamgrass, Folk, and every kind of music with strings attached!

If you're over 21, come before 9 PM and get in FREE. After 9 PM the cost will be $10. If you are under 21, the cost will be $10 throughout the night. Join the Cervantes' Text Group. Anyone over 21 on the Text Group will be admitted for Free until 10 PM. To join Cervantes' Text Group, text CERVANTES to 91944.

There will be a Weekly Jam from 9 - 11 PM hosted by Ashley And Her Friends that will feature members of Elephant Revival Concept, Whiskey Tango, Good Gravy, Iron Horse, and many many more amazing musicians week to week.

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