Wandering "Album Release"


Two best friends in the heart of the redwoods. Decided to form the loudest, heaviest, most honest rock and roll band they could imagine. From that moment on, Luke William and Troy Conzelmann never stopped working on making Wandering the best representation of what rock and roll means to them. What came out of the woods was a rock and roll show so explosive, so heavy, it should never be missed.

Simian Circus

Simian Circus is an up-and-coming trio hailing from the Mile-high city. They distill their wide-ranging musical influences into high-energy sets that combine pared-down, raw, rockin' instrumentals - often in funky time signatures - and covers of some of the best alt. rock from the last three decades. This is three brothers, with over 40 years of combined musicianship, who have been developing and honing a unique sound that's ripe and ready to be heard. Come rock out with us!



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