Old Light, Cadaver Dogs

Old Light

Old Light is Patrick Finn, Scott DeMay, Garth Klippert, and Todd Roper.

Old Light plays loud, bad rock music. Old Light sings pretty, catchy melodies.
Disco oblivion, Metal love, Rock 'n' roll transcendence, Pop computers, Space black holes, Jazz death.

No one wants to listen to old men talk about themselves.

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs are a motherfucker. With their paws planted firmly at the front of the party bus, Cadaver Dogs are happy to take you on a fast ride to the ends of decency, showing no mercy for those foolish enough to step in the path of their roaring rock spectacle. Like fireworks stuffed into live rats, the five tracks that make up their debut EP "Thrill Ride" explode with a nasty flash, leaving their grime behind to fester in your boiling brain. Three rock n' roll stallions have finally created the perfect soundtrack to gambling on Doberman fights in Reno and getting your first hand job behind a carnival side show tent. It's dirty, vivacious, and you know you shouldn't be allowed to like it, but your head keeps spinning and now there's no turning back. This is music for the depraved and the decadent, the fiendish and the self-indulgent. So who do you think you are?

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