Faux Paw

Faux Paw is a band from Lafayette, IN formed in the fall of 2011. Gordon Wantuch and Garrett Ney met while doing the singer/songwriter thing at open mics around town and decided to start a rock n roll band together. They met Tom Lageveen and Stephen Freeman at a show or a party and yada yada yada, slugs and snails, puppy dog tails, Fleetwood Mac, Television, Steely Dan, Wilco...


Earthgrazer is currently a trio from the Chicagoland/West Lafayette region. Their sound has been best described as 'sky high alt-shoegaze' with influences ranging far and wide. The band was formed in 2008 as a four-piece and has gone through many lineup changes, members, and names since, but is still anchored by founding members and middle school friends Evan Fife, Mike Ashenbrener, and David Woods. After several hit/miss attempts at recording songs, the band finally completed their first full length self-titled album in January 2011. Despite being completely self-recorded and produced, the album was praised for its excellent songcraft, diverse textures, and electronic production flourishes. In the period following the album, however, the band moved in a different direction for new material, a direction the band felt was more personally resonant and fresh. These new songs became the three-song EP 'Believe Us', released in April 2012. These songs have also been very well received in the live setting and on the internet alike, praised for their understated inventiveness, originality, and maturity. Earthgrazer continue to write and perform new songs in hope of one day recording a second full-length album.


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