The Die Nasties, StillLine, Juanita Place, Joe Taylor

The Die Nasties

Take two parts rock and roll attitude, one part punk swagger, add a splash of fist pumping anthems, then shake vigorously over a healthy dose of sexy, and you will have an electrifying concoction named; The Die Nasties. Their blistering blend of punk rock guitars and pop diva vocals will knock you on your ass, and leave a habit you can't kick.


StillLine is a mix of the familiar and the progressive, a homegrown Midwestern rock band whose nevertheless unique sound is finding its way to new fans every day. StillLine cut their teeth in small-town bars and reached rock maturity playing some of St. Louis' better known venues. Big gig or small, StillLine rocks 'em all – from Emden's Bulldog to the main stage at the Voodoo Lounge. What sets StillLine apart is their versatility – be it growling, get-your-hands-dirty riffs, pensive, quieter melodies, or the bread-and-butter rock we all know and love, there's something for everyone.
StillLine is Brian Clover on vox, Michael Fey on guitar, Taylor Patterson on drums, Jim Miller on bass, and Alex Moran on lead guitar. Clover's vox are an amalgam of Eds, as his style is most often likened to Ed Roland of Collective Soul and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder – a large part of the reason this group's sound draws frequent comparisons with these two legendary rock bands. Patterson sits at the heart of the band, rolling thunder with a force comparable with 30 Seconds to Mars.
Miller lays down bass lines which are perhaps most influenced by Alice in Chains, while Fey and Moran form a guitar tandem whose sound is perhaps at the core of the band's ability to strike a balance between recognizable and original, striking a multi-faceted tone that ranges from Pink Floyd to Tool.

Juanita Place

Sure, it has been a while but Juanita Place is back. The band is ready to play havoc on the eardrums and free the mind so that the booty will follow. In the years absent from the stage a realignment was needed after the departure of BJ Rice to other pastures in Atlanta. Shontez, Jason and Kyle pulled ranks, brought former background singer Trina to the forefront and acquired help from keyboard wunderkind Joseph Eckelkamp. The band now creates a sound that is still rooted deeply in Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Funk but now with a healthy diet of Gospel and Blues vocals, Led Zeppelin riffs with Jazz and classical keys for added flavor.

The reformulated line-up is ready for the stage and is set to release a new E.P in the summer of 2015. The new E.P is a documentation of democracy showing off what each member of the band brings to the table. It is a recorded representation of the high-energy shows that leaves the audience sweaty and wanting more.

$8.00 - $10.00


$3 minor surcharge at the door

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