Ayron Jones & The Way

Raw, Soulful, Electrifiying, Sexy. Seattle songwriter Ayron Jones’ mature sound bleeds out with an intimate, rich, fresh style – Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Nirvana. Capturing a “good kind of pain,” Jones’ striking songs sink in to stay, blending Alternative Rock, Punk, Blues, Hip-hop, and Soul, punching out an emotional body of work with a memorable twist. Jones began turning heads in 2010 when he teamed up with drummer Conrad Real and bassist DeAndre Enrico. Forming the band Ayron Jones and the Way, the trio would soon open for the legendary Robert Cray, rising Lukas Nelson, and be playing a prime slot at the famous Bumbershoot festival in Seattle.

In 2011, the band won the “Best in Show” award at the King 5 Best of Western Washington Awards. In 2012 they finished in the top 30 out of more than 12,000 bands in the global Hard Rock Rising contest. Since then, they’ve shocked Seattle’s music scene with passion-driven, sweat-soaked, ragingly off-the-wall performances. Leaving audiences in a crazed frenzy rivaling that of the Grunge Rock era, they've produced what The Seattle Stranger's Megan Seling calls "one of the most entertaining performances I've seen so far this year.”

From juicy heart-hurters to grittier Rock songs, they deliver songs that are achingly gorgeous and full of well-crafted muscle. Indeed, Ayron Jones and the Way leaves a definite mark on each stage they touch.

Ayron Jones and the Way is currently in the studio with Grammy-winning artist Sir Mix-a-Lot, recording their debut album, set for a 2013 release.

The Staxx Brothers

The Staxx Brothers are a high energy American band, hailing from Seattle, Washington, that has spent the last seven years crafting an incredible new sound they've branded Hard Ass Soul. It's quite simply the most danceable and hip shaking brand of rock & roll to hit US streets since Motown left Detroit. Where modern Rock most often has forgotten its Roll, The Staxx Brothers make it back to the juke joint, and take you back to the black church, dragging modern rock by its collar right back to its birthright - with an epic flare that matches any of the classics.

Tip To Base

Seattle's hottest funk innovators call on a variety of styles and influences, while anchoring their sound in the grooviest funk rhythms and riffs. In a genre that can tend to alienate the casual listener, Tip to Base makes funk accessible to the masses by packaging it in memorable three to five minute gems. Elements of hip-hop, jazz, punk and classic rock are woven through slap-bass driven progressions, garnished with sexy saxophone licks. The fun doesn't stop there, as this quintet brings insanely high energy to each and every one of their performances and a contagious desire to bring the party.

Don't let their age fool you. These young musicians are seasoned vets with a history dating back to 1998 in Woodinville, WA. The genesis of Tip to Base traces back to a couple of Woodinville High School's more prolific projects - Psatchma and Graceful Chaos. In Psatchma, Baldwin and Richards experimented with a wide variety of musical flavors that ultimately became the Tip to Base sound. They linked up with Jones in the 80's metal throwback band Graceful Chaos where they refined the energetic stage show that fans have come to expect.

In 2004, the group went separate directions for school and travel, but they kept in touch while keeping their chops up. With the help of high school friend Ethan Campbell in 2008, they linked back up for several shows and began recording under the name Tip to Base. 2011 was a game changing year for the band with the discovery of Chris Shadel on Saxophone and a concerted effort from all of the band to push the project to next level while completing their debut album - The Back 9.

TIp to Base has many thirsty fans in Seattle and on the Eastside and make people want to party all night at your venue. They are, however, dedicated professionals that will bring you no headaches, only good times. The band is seeking shows regionally and looks forward to working with your venue or band on putting together a successful evening.

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