Mos Scocious, Tricky Ol Puss

Mos Scocious

With the release of their debut L.P. "Ibble Dabble", Mos Scocious has set the bar with their special blend of Freak-Funk. This power trio gets the dance party going with music unlike anything you've ever heard. Combining a mixture of crunchy riffs, stunning vocals and a driving rhythm section, Mos Scocious embodies the energy of the good ol' rock and roll era with the funk of the Chicago underground. "The world needs your music", praised Chicago blues legend Corky Siegel. Formed 3 years ago, by 3 musicians with an appreciation for every genre of music. Rob Dicke, Bradley Butterworth, and Josh Rosen blend funk, rock & roll, blues, hip hop, jazz, and soul to bring you their groovin' tunes that will keep you movin' and beggin' for more. Every Mos Scocious show is an experience you won't get anywhere else and will never forget.




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