Black Marble + Soft Metals + Vows

Part Time Punks

Black Marble

BLACK MARBLE are one of NYC's most promising synthpop/darkwave outfits, with their debut LP, "A Different Arrangement," released in October on Hardly Art topping many critics' best of the year lists. And understandably so. The band's sound marries synthpop to synthpunk, alternately bleak, melodic, punk and electronic. If you saw the band this winter, then you know how incredible they are live...and this time around, they return with NEW tracks from their next LP!!

Soft Metals

SOFT METALS bring their dreamy femme-fronted analog synth sounds back to the Echo stage, armed with amazing new collection of songs from their forthcoming new LP due out in July on Captured Tracks. Think of the more minimal/melodic moments of Throbbing Gristle & the Chris And Cosey that came after & you’ll be getting close to these now not so distant dreams...

Fueled by cheap wine and isolation, VOWS' sound somehow begins in your head, next to your old Joy Division tapes, and ends up at a cave rave during the apocalypse. Originally from Sydney, Australia, VOWS relocated to LA by way of NYC in 2014.

$12.00 - $15.00


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