Beginning as subway buskers, Queens funk rock band LTrain’s story is a New York story.
As featured in The Noise Beneath The Apple, an art book about the city’s street performers, the band began in January 2011 when Crystalla Gonzalez (vocals) and Gabriel Castellar (guitar/vocals) started busking with the song, “On The Train.”

Halting busy side walkers with their dynamic chemistry, original takes on hip-hop, funk and rock, and indisputable romance for the city, the two quickly saw reward for their hustle. With the addition of Tristan Green (Drums) and Luis Padilla (Bass), the band have performed hundreds of New York shows at high-flying venues, including Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, and The Studio at Webster Hall. Fusing together influences dear and true to New York, including the Latin beats of Tito Puente, the cool jazz of Miles Davis, and punk rock of The Ramones, the band delivers an exciting sound that perfectly showcases the city’s multiplicity.

Set to debut this fall, Can’t Pay Bills is a concept album depicting the highs and lows of New York City life, from the “Party on Bedford” to “The Rent Is Still to Damn High.” The band is proudly ready to grow and become as indigenous to the city as the Brooklyn Bridge, dollar slices, graffiti… and the subway they’re born from.

Hey Guy

Hailing from the city that never sleeps, your "Hey Guy" has arrived!

Brainchild of brilliant and charismatic singer/songwriter Boris Pelekh, Hey Guy is that band seldom heard today: a modern rock act with catchy melodies and artistic sensibility that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Their first EP, How To Kill Me, has caught the attention of several top producers, while online, Hey Guy continues to infect the net with its fresh sense of humor via Youtube. Check out the Hey Guy channel, which features a video for their cover of Alliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" endorsed by Lady Gaga herself.

Whether you watch or listen, experiencing Hey Guy is like hanging at that party where everybody wants to be. Now, come party.

"Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Hey Guy vocalist Boris Pelekh tells us about title track from their EP "How To Kill Me". We now turn it over to Boris for the story: During a brief intermission in my music journey I found myself toying around with the idea of starting a metal project. I quickly sat down and started laying out material. One of the first songs that I wrote had a really heavy verse and somehow a really pretty modal chorus. I sent it over to a friend that was offering to do vocals for the metal project and he replied that the ideas were good but way too different to all be in one song..."Singled Out: Review of Hey Guy's "How To Kill Me""HEY GUY - {New York City) fronted by singer/songwriter Russian born- Boris Pelekh, a member of Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers" band. HEY GUY's sound is a mix of modern rock with catchy melodies and artistic sensibility that doesn't take itself too seriously. Their first EP, How To Kill Me, has caught the attention of several top producers, while online, HEY GUY continues to infect the net with its fresh sense of humor via Youtube. Check out the HEY GUY channel, which features a video for their cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" endorsed by Lady Gaga herself. See it here:"New Music Inferno with Special Guest: Hey Guy "I recently spoke with Boris Pelekh the lead vocalist and guitarist for the modern rock band Hey Guy. The band's new self-titled disc is packed to the gills with Infectious melodies and I do not feel it will take long for it to be noticed and when it does, expect to hear it flooding the airwaves. Bottom line, this is a really good, high-energy, modern rock record that is well worth picking up when it is released in June. How are you doing Boris? Boris: I am doing excellent, thanks. What have you been up to? Boris: We are working on a new self-titled Hey Guy record that will be out in May. What has been the response to your last EP? Boris: It has been great. Originally, I did everything on my own including producing but the response was so great that I decided to put together a band..."Bruce Moore - Interview with Hey Guy vocalist and guitarist Boris Pelekh

Sylvana Joyce & The Moment

MTV, OurStage, CMJ...these are some of the big names in the industry already buzzing about Sylvana Joyce and her band, The Moment. Their intensively eclectic sound, coupled with their riveting performances is a demonstration of supreme musicianship, punk theatrics, and Balkan chutzpah that compare them to the likes of Gogol Bordello, Dresden Dolls, and Grace Potter.
They have opened for soul sister Nikka Costa and the progressive Jazz Rock trio The Aristocrats, and recently played LiftFest 2012 as openers for Lettuce.

After over 100 performances in the past two years all over the Northeast, they are returning to Drom to release their promising debut album, "For You, Comrade", which they succesfully funded through Kickstarter.

To get more info on Sylvana Joyce + The Moment, visit their Facebook Page:

The Glorious Veins

The Glorious Veins formed near the end of 2007 and hit the scene hard. Within a few months, the band was playing at indie rock venues throughout New York City. The band's sound, with its compelling mix of crooner melodies and post-punk dance grooves, was refined into a ten-track DEMO that they recorded in March of '08. With their demo in hand, The Glorious Veins are gaining momentum and establishing a conspicuous presence in the City. This unique and diverse foursome hail from four entirely different backgrounds spread over three continents. They came together with a mutual appreciation for all kinds of styles and a predilection for blending these influences to create a sound all their own. The band's singer and primary songwriter is Paul Pangman. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Paul showed a love and affinity for music from a very young age. Paul came to New York at the age of 18 to attend Columbia University, where he picked up the guitar and started writing music. In a few years he wrote well over 100 songs but he needed to find a band to play them. Fortunately for him that was all about to change. Paul enjoys a walk in the park, biking and ballet. His special move is the dancing rooster. Matt "howlin" Howels, the guitarist, was born and raised in London, England. He taught himself how to play at age 12 and has been blowing minds with his slashing skills ever since. In the UK, he played with many different bands while in college at Southhampton and in London after graduation. In October of 2007, Matt moved to New York City where he immediately fell into the downtown blues scene before joining The GV's. Matt enjoys lazy afternoons, brunch, and blacksmithing. His special move is the ninja kick. Lee Grasso, the bassist, was born and raised in Connecticut. Originally a guitar player, Lee found himself playing bass for theGV's after they had a line-up change during August of '08. Having an RnB background, Lee's technique and aggression when it comes to playing bass, compliment the bands new and upbeat sound. Lee loves fishing and his special move is the jumping octopus head butt. And last but not least: drummer Wiggy Colmenares. Born and raised in the Philippines, Wiggy started playing the drums in middle school. Music became his passion and he went on to play in many successful Filipino rock bands. He moved to New York City a year ago with his family and now lives in Queens. Wiggy enjoys shadow boxing, dandelions, and keeping secrets. His special move is the kung-fu butterfly combo.

DJ Mero

Known for his Energy, Spirit, Courage, and young at heart. You can see this just by watching him do what he loves and that is playing music! I'm very outgoing and I can easily make you move and type of way.

It has been only 5 years of playing and I feel like I'm coming closer and closer to becoming someone that not only motivates others to become a Disc Jockey but to feel exactly what I'm feeling when I'm up there, like when I'm playing a track, mixing it, scratching it, twisting it, mashing it up, and even saying words on a microphone has them jumping off their feet...But every little movement, every sound and every single feeling I get, the crowd the people, you all understand. Its a language an art. You all will fall in love and will be surround by love.
My Experience:
I Have'd Work With : The China Club, Club Duvet, Club Soel, Studio 34, La Boom, Imperial, Club Europa, Club Soel, Ravel Rooftop, The W Hotel and many more.
I Have'd also gotten booked for : Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, Lofts, House partys, and colleges such as QCC, LCC, Hunter College, and Queens borough.

$8 online, $10 at the door


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