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Blink Tooth

In the spring of 2012 after ten years together and releasing eight original albums, The Disgruntled Sherpa Project broke up. Founding members guitarist Joe Boylan and bassist Walt Mamaluy formed a new band recruiting on drums Cleveland, Ohio’s own Daniel Patrick who had joined The Disgruntled Sherpa Project during its final year as touring keyboardist and percussionist.

Patrick, who also plays bass and guitar and is a classically trained cellist, has played with the bands The Tweeds and Anenome, and played drums in live productions of the musicals The Falsettos and Kiss Me, Kate. The three—Boylan, Mamaluy and Patrick—immediately started working on new material, some completely original, some left over from the final months of The Disgruntled Sherpa Project.

Through Patrick the band met Matthew Jules Rhine. Rhine, also a talented muli-instrumentalist who has performed with Styx and Pat Benatar with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland, toured New Zealand and Australia playing the Sydney Opera House with the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony.

Playing in a four piece with multi-instrumentalists opened up new creative avenues for Boylan and Mamaluy that they did not have in the past. Especially for Boylan who now found himself the sole guitar player after playing in a three guitar band for the better part of a decade. “Looking back it may have been overkill, especially live,” Boylan said. “But, that three guitar thing was the sound of that band. We tried it for a year as a two guitar band and it wasn’t the same. It didn’t really work. So, this band using just the one guitar and the keyboards over the rhythm section is a nice change.”

Blinktooth is currently promoting said debut album with a mini tour of the Mid-Atlantic States and are already at work on material for a follow up.

Bite Size Giant

Bite Size Giant (BSG) formed in the pitched percussion section of West Chester University's marching band. Studies in music theory allow them to alter classical forms of composition in modern ways. The band is set on balancing intellectual thought with instinctual feeling in music, creating something that is smart yet accessible.

The musical culmination of a combined 46 years of ass-kicking badassdom. A little bit louder than Queens Of The Stone Age and a little bit darker than NIN.

$5.00 - $7.00


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