Trails and Ways

Trails and Ways

From overgrown houses in north Oakland, Trails and Ways make guitar pop, thick with warm noise, driving beats, four voices, and the open chords of bossa nova. Take college commune roommates, have them live for stints in Brazil and Spain, bring them home together with the sparks of songs, see what catches flame.

Early singles "Nunca" and "Mtn Tune" rocketed them to the top of the blogosphere charts, followed by national tours and opening spots for Tycho, Stars, and Mac DeMarco. Debut album Pathology landed in 2015, earning the band a spot on Barsuk Records and São Paulo's Balaclava Records, and launching the band to shows across North America and Brazil.

Their lyrics and stands for environmental & social justice led Time Magazine to call them "decidedly political", their sound "lush and worldly". FADER says they're "seriously encouraging me to switch from blue jeans to bathing suits until further notice." 32 Ft/Sec blog says "The party, the Good Life, is out there somewhere, likely south and it sounds exactly like this."

the Rusty Maples

"Indie Americana folk pop/good lovin' rock 'n' roll grown in Las Vegas"

Jellyfish Tuesday

Delivered like some last minute holiday package
i'd arrive december's in denver
just in time for the year to shut down
light's out
(i guess that made it hard to see).
still i'd slip into town
on the wheels of any number of half-hearted vehicles
already wreaking and leaking resolution
trails and fumes too easily overlooked.
and i, clutching to memory and hope,
cradled my fistful of slips of fading numbers,
like a mother might hold to her newborn child-
such potential blooming over a night lost.
i'd make my steps, as tho in a vision,
through all the alleys and back streets
and find my way to one of those old pay telephones
a wishing well
to drop my coins into.
loose change for a dialtone
quarters well spent for a 'hello'
and i'd feel closer to you right then
waiting for some connection
even tho the voice i'd reach
would never come from you.
for a moment i'd let myself pretend
hang on the line lost in suspense
even tho the voice on the other end
would never come from you.


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