On its acclaimed self-titled debut, Light Asylum takes the synth-pop sound of '80s groups like Depeche Mode and develops it into something new. It's not an easy feat, considering how often that sound has been copied and mimicked, especially over the past decade during brief fads like the electroclash trend.
The difference is Shannon Funchess. A fierce vocalist, she shouts and bellows with stentorian intensity, making Light Asylum seem thrillingly dangerous
Originally raised in Seattle, Funchess moved to Brooklyn in 2001 and spent the next decade contributing vocals to a variety of bands, including TV on the Radio, !!!, Telepathe and Teengirl Fantasy. Light Asylum began in 2007 as a solo project, with Funchess collaborating with other musicians.
Light Asylum solidified when Funchess met multi-instrumentalist and producer Bruno Coviello, while the two toured in support of another Brooklyn artist, Bunny Rabbit. "We realized we had similar interests and influences in our taste in music," she says before rattling off a list of industrial and darkwave bands they like, including Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry and Clan of Xymox - as well as house music producers like Frankie Knuckles and Green Velvet. "I found someone I could actually write with," she says.

Light Asylum's debut was released in April. The lead track, "Hour Fortress," is dedicated to Billie Holiday and other black musicians in the early 20th century who were resigned to being "artists in a racist country." Its most explicitly political track is "IPC," which stands for industrial prison complex; more subtly, there's "At Will," which is a call to "kill our ego" and stop asserting our alpha dominance over others.

SSION (Birthday Show!)

SSION (pronounced shun) is Cody Critcheloe. SSION is Critcheloe’s project alone and is ever evolving but through his music, art and performance he emphasizes that the world of SSION is an inclusionary one. Critcheloe, the frontman-child, considers SSION to be more of a brand for his idea(L)s than anything else. SSION isn't from anywhere and it doesn't belong to any scene and it's not really that gay considering that in 10 years everyone will be gay. It's just a really interesting* mold slowly growing all over the world, sort of like the grateful dead but more body conscience. SSION is always active but never consistant; they’ve been releasing records whenever they want for the last 10 years. 2012’s release “Bent” garnered huge amounts of attention from the likes of the New York Times, Dazed & Confused, V magazine, Huffington Post, The Fader and VICE and was accompanied by critically acclaimed music videos for “My Love Grows In The Dark”, “Earthquake”, “Luvvbazaar” and “High” – all produced and directed by Critcheloe. He’s also directed videos for other artists including The Gossip, Peaches and Santigold,

SSION’s live shows are legendary, they’ve previously toured with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Gossip and played their first headlining sold out tour in Europe last year.

Samantha Urbani (DJ Set)


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