New Order

Though New Order's more recent albums have been a little bit more guitar-based, the experimental band is focusing their efforts on new electronic/synth-heavy music. The band
is also ramping up their recording/touring efforts, with frontman Bernard Sumner telling Rolling Stone: "...we're constantly here whether you like us or not...". Fortunately, the postpunk pioneers still have countless fans, and reports from their set at Coachella this Saturday have the band sounding as great as ever. We have a feeling that when they play Merriweather this July, you'll like them quite a bit.

Holy Ghost! (Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser) create dance music that spans across genres and blends the old – from ’70s and ‘80s funk-inflected R&B to glittery disco to synthy new wave – and the new. Just ahead of the EP's release, Holy Ghost! released reworked versions of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" and LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls." Both remixes and the EP earned high marksfrom critics and audiences, with the Washington Post noting that the duo made music that "has a sincerity that is as distinctive as it is cleanly rendered."

Whitney Fierce

In comparing life experience, Whitney Fierce has a pretty impressive resume. For starters, she was kidnapped in Egypt by camelback at age 11, held hostage in Ethiopia years later, and has been proposed to nearly a dozen times. She's been a college drop-out and graduate, model, magazine editor, fine piece of arm candy, fashion entrepreneur, cultural curator and party promoter. She's studied Swahili in Zanzibar, backpacked through nine countries, lived over seas and stateside on both coasts and in between, and as a DJ and guest/touring vocalist for Hercules and Love Affair, has performed at some of the world's most massive festivals, venues and events, thanks to the clout of her name, a little clever scheming and free-spirited swagger. And while that all hardly covers the full biography of Whitney Fierce, it is enough to make you feel a tad jealous and wonder what it is you've been doing with your life.

A California-native raised between Detroit and Los Angeles, Fierce was led to dance music after falling in with the DFA Records crew. With them, she moved from L.A. to New York, and started throwing her own wildly successful parties across the city. Spinning records was a new trick but she dove in with a fearless punk attitude, and was quickly recruited by Nylon Magazine, TopShop, AllSaints and others as the hot new DJ in town. Building on a solid foundation of house and disco, Fierce began blending her background of classical musicianship with a powerful flair for the eccentric, producing her own tracks with an acute obsession over the minute details. Without fail, this hard work bears bangers pumped-full with catharsis and a stylish humor that basks in the dance-floor madness. This may very well not be Fierce's sole calling, but for such a creative factotum it's certainly working for now.

As for that resume of hers, and everything that led her here now, "I let the universe kind of dictate what I do," she says, "but I'm nice to everyone around me and I act freely, kind of like a floating entity, letting the road take me where it will."

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