Marin's "One of Many" and "Pook" at 19 Broadway

One of Many

One of Many was started in early 2012 by Dana Lindstrom. This trio consists of Cole Miller on drums, Kyle Stampfli on bass, and Dana Lindstrom on guitar and vocals. They are currently recording their full length album titled "Dismammled," which will be out in Summer of 2013. One of Many is a band of many influences with a fresh outlook on music and a strong drive to create a unique tasting stew of musical styles that couldn't be possible without out each and every member.


POOK is an experimental rock trio from Marin County. Their instrumental music encompasses a variety of genres that include rock, post-rock, funk, ambient, psychedelic and progressive music. As a live band, the members of POOK use bass, drums, and guitar to generate an elaborate atmosphere of sound. POOK always seeks to provide its audience with enjoyable auditory stimulation.



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