Desciples chemically engineered their sound to put your body in motion. There’s enough delay to swim in and the thick percussion section will keep your head just above water. The groove is heavy set, yet spacious, almost like basking in the sun on a private beach with your own personal bartender. Don’t be surprised when they bust into a rocking White Stripes or Depeche Mode cover. The band has taken the term “DreadRock” to new heights by blending such contrasting bands as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.

In 2005 Stephen Hashbarger was 17 and had just begun his songwriting career. He went to an open mic night in Englewood, Colorado, where he met Chilli and began the musical project that would later become Desciples. Fast forward to 2007. In front of a sold out crowd at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Desciples won the Denver leg of a national battle of the bands competition and became 1 of 17 groups remaining. They then played a nationally televised performance at the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.

In the Summer of 2009, Desciples recorded their debut studio album. On July 10th 2010 “Soul Searching & Couch Surfing” was released. The album presents a behind-the-scenes view of the success’ and failures of Stephen’s life that is skillfully told. From the trials of personal relationships and the angst of growing up to the struggles of the band and his home life to major events taking place around the world today, this album is a journey through the mind of a conflicted yet compassionate soul. Desciples’ love for life and humanity is brilliantly conveyed in this compilation of recorded songs and displayed first hand at their over the top high-energy live performances.


Based out of the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Highline is a 7 piece outfit that combines traditional roots reggae and rocksteady with a contemporary reggae vibe. Seamlessly blending classic reggae tracks into heady originals, Highline knows how to start a dance party and keep it going. Featuring duel lead vocalists, a horn section and a collection of Denver music scene veteran's, Highline is sure to impress even the most discerning reggae fans. Whether it's their spaced out dubs, sultry lovers tunes, or heavyweight topical songs, their live shows have a bit of something for everyone. Highline has opened for national and international reggae greats such as: Sly and Robbie, Mykal Rose, Sister Carol, Freddy Mcgregor, Fortunate Youth, True Press, Fear Nuttin Band, and is currently working on their 2nd studio release.

Mono Verde

This project arises with the intention to present Latin Reggae and Latin Rythms in our language to people
in this course. And therefore,bring to light Latin American Reggae bands.
Mono Verde is made by musicians from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and U.S,
continuing in the search of experiences to create revolutionary, spiritual music with the intention of helping our brothers.
At the moment, they have independently recorded an produced two Albums: "Ensamblando Culturas" (Assembling Cultures)
and "Ecos de fe y esperanza" (Echoes of faith and hope), which now is in promo.

The Comedians

The style and grace of The Comedians is not comparable to any other one band. With the funky bass lines, heavy drums, and groovy guitar rhythms, people are consistently on their feet moving and grooving with the beat. With influences across the board from classic rock to experimental funk to metal and all the way back to dub reggae, The Comedians sound will pierce your eardrums and sooth them in unison.

$5.00 - $10.00


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