Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Wooden Indian Burial Ground formed in Portland, Oregon – 2007. As a duo the band employed banjo's, chord organs, fuzz guitars and other various instruments, making a glorious racket across the Western, Central, and Southern United States. This incited an 11 track album of lo-fi experimental folk tunes self-released in 2008. The band grew in numbers and influence, playing shows under various names with various members until settling down with a stable lineup and signing with Mon Amie in 2010.

"Wooden Indian Burial Ground, a guitar-bass-drums band from Portland, Ore., [is] particularly molten.... Melody isn't the priority when Justin Fowler, on guitar and vocals, leads the band into its jams. As the rhythm section bears down splashily on whatever riff drives the song, Mr. Fowler pushes surf-guitar techniques — glissando, string-bending, tremolo strumming — toward their noisy, textural extremes, or he makes swoopy sounds from a low-tech analogue synthesizer that a friend built inside a beat-up bit of luggage from a thrift shop." --NY Times



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